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RM - 2286



Product Details

PC ABS: A compounded blend of Polycarbonate and ABS. The PC contributes impact and heat distortion resistance, while the ABS contributes process ability and chemical stress resistance, and cost reduction below PC.

Properties of PC/ABS include the following:
- Impact resistance between ABS and PC, (10-14 ft.-lb./in.)
- Strength and stiffness between PC and ABS
- Heat resistance superior to ABS, less than PC
- Flame retardant system more stable in processing than ABS
- Very good indoor UV light color stability
- Low temperature impact and ductility
- Superior process ability to PC

PC/ABS should be used for appearance housings, and structural parts, which is higher than ABS, but requiring costs below Polycarbonate. Housing requiring UL VO, but not
5VA-that is, portable electronic devices, not permanently fixed electric devices are also good applications for PC/ABS. Others include appearance parts requiring color fastness under interior UV light, automotive interior parts where temperature environment is between 180F and 230 F - "above the beltline" applications, and where non-shattering ductility is required like instrument panel retainers. Applications such as painted exterior automotive parts requiring low temperature impact grater than 10 ft.-lb./in. is another place PC/ABS should be used. Any outdoor application should be painted.
- Portable appliances, flashlights, phones
- Laptop computer cases
- Keyboards, monitors, printer enclosures
- Automotive instru