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Victrex PEEK:
Victrex plc is the leading global manufacturer of high performance polyketones, including the versatile Victrex PEEK polymer. For more than 30 years, Victrex has helped customers around the world realize the benefits of using our high performance polymers in their designs and applications to help them grow.

High performance polyaryletherketones offering high quality and versatility

Victrex PEEK polymer is regarded as one of the highest performing materials in the world. Its product portfolio is the broadest range of polyaryletherketones on the market today and helps customers improve application performance, realize greater design freedom and achieve systems cost savings.

Victrex's advanced polymer product family includes several different types of polyaryletherketones, as well as dozens of blends and compounds. Victrex PEEK polymer, in addition to granules and powder, is readily available in finished forms such as stock shapes, fibers, films (APTIV film) and coatings (VICOTE Coatings).

The Victrex PEEK Polymer Portfolio:
Meeting customers high performance requirements

The Victrex PEEK polymer standard, or general purpose, product range meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries. This product line provides a unique combination of properties including mechanical strength and high temperature performance to help customers improve part functionality, gain long-term reliability and cost savings. Available in unfilled, depth-filtered, glass-filled, carbon-filled, and wear resistant grades.

Benefits of Victrex PEEK polymer:
- Excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability in high temperature and harsh environments
- Easy to process and lightweight compared to steel, aluminum and titanium
- Low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance without lubrication
- Chemically resistant and insoluble in common solvents including acids, salts and oil
- Features low outgassing, low particle generation and inherent purity for reduced contamination

Victrex PEEK-HT:
Delivering extended high temperature performance

With a glass transition temperature of 157 Degree C (315 Degree F) and a melting temperature of 374 Degree C (705 Degree F), Victrex PEEK-HT polymer offers extended high temperature performance over Victrex PEEK standard polymer while delivering all of the same advantages such as toughness, strength and chemical resistance. Available in filled, glass and carbon filled grades.

Benefits of Victrex PEEK-HT polymer
- Delivers up to three times the wear resistance of Victrex PEEK 450G standard polymer at high temperatures
- Retention of mechanical and physical properties to temperatures of 30 Degree C higher than Victrex PEEK standard polymer supporting higher loads without permanent deformation
- Improved compressive strength
- A strong candidate for engine parts, sub sea connectors and heat exchanger applications

Victrex ST:
Delivering dimensional stability and mechanical performance at high temperatures

The innovative Victrex ST product is designed to perform in the most demanding environments specifically in applications requiring a combination of high temperature, mechanical performance and dimensional stability. It opens up new application opportunities for customers who work at temperatures over 300 Degree C such as in the electronics and energy industries.

Benefits of Victrex ST polymer:
- Delivers purity, electrical resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low permeability/moisture absorption
- When compared to other unfilled / unreinforced polymers, shows improved mechanical performance in the 150 Degree C to 200 Degree C temperature range
- A potential metal replacement solution for applications such as seals, disk drive carriers, connectors, turbo charger impellors, test sockets and wire coatings

Victrex T-Series:
Temperature resistant thermoplastic offering excellent mechanical performance

Victrex T-Series is a proprietary blend based on Victrex PEEK polymer and Celazole polybenzimidazole (PBI). Among the most temperature resistant thermoplastics on the market today, Victrex T-Series is the unique solution for applications requiring a combination of mechanical and high temperatures performance up to 300 Degree C. It is available in unfilled and reinforced grades.

Benefits of Victrex T-Series polymer:
- Physical property retention and wear resistance at elevated temperatures
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Inherently lubricious with a smooth surface finish for ease of processing
- Low sloughing and exceptional abrasion resistance
- A candidate for automotive system parts, turbines, semiconductor wafers and industrial machinery.