For Sale - RM - 1699


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RM - 1699


Ahmedabad, India

Product Details

We have Bottle-Grade PET Chips specially
for hot-filled products like
tea drinks, fruit-juice drinks and other drinks that are required to be hot bottled for sterlization.
The product features low heavy metal content, low content of acataldehyde, good color value, stable viscosity and good for processing.
With a unique process recipe and production
technology, the brand of product, when being
thermformed in SIPA, SIDEL, ASB etc. primary
bottle-making machines under general
conditions, has high tropism rate,stable crystallinity and good fluidity with low stress releasing rate in the whole bottle, stable thermal contraction rate and high finished product rate in making bottles, can satisfy the requirement of being bottled at about 90% and protect drink from discoloration or oxidization in storage period & prevent the deformation of the bottles.