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Protective Coating for Electrical Equipments:
We offer protective coating for electrical equipments.

Our polymeric coating (painting) resin offers UV radiation resistance and resistance to sea water corrosion.

- It has anti-static properties, oil resistance at elevated temperature.
- It is easy to apply
- It has thermal stability - 40 Degree C to 200 Degree C and fire resistant.

1) Superior performance features:
- Excellent corrosion resistance
- Anti-static properties

- Suitable for outdoor exposure

2) Simple application:
- Ready to use: single pack system
- No mixing errors: No pot life

- No human errors
- Guaranteed performance

3) Time saving operation:
- Quick drying at ambient temperature
- No oven baking
- No long curing periods

- Enhances productivity
- Saves labour
- Saves energy

4) Simple surface preparation:
- No primer application
- No seven tank process

- Saves manpower - saves time

- System: Single pack
- Mixing: Ready to use system. No mixing errors
- Necessity of primer: Self priming (no need of primer application)
- Surface preparation: One tank process
- Curing process: No oven baking. Hard dry at room temperature
- Coating operation time: 1 hr.
- Application equipments: Low equipment cost. Need compressed air and spray gun.
- Chemical resistance and UV resistance: Excellent
- Heat resistance: Stable up to 200 Degree C
- Energy requirement: No need of oven. Energy saving
- Environmental safety: Safe for environment
- Shades: All IS, RAL shades
- Salt spray resistance: 1500 hours
- Additional features:
a. Antistatic properties
b. Resistance to fire
c. Resistance to transformer oil.