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RM - 1486



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It is a polymer alloy made by modifying PPE with high impact polystyrene (HIPS) or nylon-6, nylon-66. It provides well balanced mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. In addition, it boasts the lowest specific gravity among engineering plastics. Equipped with the above features it is capable of fulfilling a variety of market needs including compactness, high performance, and flame retardance.
Special Features:-
* Stable rigidity, impact strength and fatigue resistance through a wide range of temperatures.
* Excellent insulation properties, low dielectric constant and low dielectric dissipation factor.
* Excellent dimensional stability with low water absorption.
* Excellent heat stability.
* Flame retardant and excellent self extinguishing properties.
* Low specific gravity.
* Excellent moldability and low shrinkage rate to give quality precision parts.
* Excellent processability; good mold release, easy flow properties and a wide range of stock temperatures.