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RM - 1410


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Low-Gas, Low-Deposit m-PPE RESINS

* A breakthrough in flame-retardant m-PPE resins
XYRON grades provide exceptionally low gas evolution during molding, and outstanding electrical properties under hot and humid conditions.
* Freedom from mold deposit and its resultant problems
Mold deposit results from gas evolution. It mars the molding surfaces, causes edge cracking, and necessities frequent mold maintenance. XYRON grade with low-volatile content reduces mold deposit and hence eliminates its resultant.
* Typical trial-Before and after 20,000-shot run
* Retention of outstanding electric properties
The grades retain the superior XYRON electrical properties, even under high temperatures and humidities.
* Main applications
Electrical and electronic parts: Coil bobbins, flyback transformers connectors, deflection yokes, adapters, LED frames.