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RM - 3340



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Reliance’s plants employ Spheripol and Adipol technologies from Basell and Unipol Process of Dow Chemicals for manufacturing different grades of Repol, which are exported to more than 30 countries. Products manufactured include homopolymer, random copolymer and impact copolymer.

Homopolymer is available in a wide range of melt flows and is designed to suit the requirements of various applications such as injection and blow moulding, IPP and BOPP films, woven sacks, FIBC and fibres. Random copolymer grades are designed to meet critical requirements of injection and blow-moulded clear containers, pipes and fittings and ISBM bottles.

Impact Copolymer grades are tailored to meet the requirements of various applications such as automotive, appliances, furniture, paint pails, caps and closures, luggage, crates and compounding.