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RM - 1914


Singapore, India

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Lubricated and Reinforced Engineering Resins: We have developed a flexible range of lubricated compounds to replace expensive metal moving parts, especially in the manufacturing sector.

This technology now allows injection mouldable thermoplastic such as gears, cams bearing and slides to be used as a more durable, stable and economic alternative to metal.

Our lubricated compounds provide better lubrication and resistance to wear, increase load carrying capacity, less thermal expansion, better fatigue endurance, creep resistance and dimensional stability.

The primary lubricants used in our unique internally lubricated compounds are:

- PTFE: A migratory product that works by forming a coat on the mating surface. It has the low coefficient of friction of any known internal lubricant.

- Silicone: It behaves as a boundary lubricant and for its controlled compatibility with a particular base resin.

- PTFE / Silicone: The addition of silicone is used as a short - term break-in lubricant until the PTFE becomes effective. It also works with other our lubricants like Waxes, MOS2 etc.

- Internally lubricated our compounds are also perfect for moulding of helix, worm and spur and pinion gears.

- Through our technology, production becomes faster, more manageable and makes more economic sense.
- Less Noise
- Less Weight
- Dimensional Stability
- Low co-efficient of thermal expansion
- Less Cost