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RM - 3219



Product Details

LDPE Recycled White

- High quality LDPE white color recycled resin on regular basis.
- Film roll made from 100% our recycled LDPE resin, grade - quality of the finished film is very close to as if it is produced from prime resin.
- 20-50% of this recycled LDPE resin with their prime resin to save material cost.

LPDE white color Recycled Resin
- High quality resulted from the use of very fine screen mesh during extrusion
- can mix 20-50% with prime resin and get the finished shopping bags look the same as using 100% prime resin.
- Especially good for white color products because our repro resin already compounded with about 5% TiO2 so you can save up the cost of white color masterbatch.
- Contain anti-UV additive so your finished products will not oxidize easily and last longer.
- This give additional selling point for your products over your competitors.
- Formulated with special processing aid that can run at lower temperature than your normal prime resin, this mean you consume less electricity and save on production cost