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Bicor™ MB866 films
Deliver ultra-high gas barrier for transparent MAP applications


Outstanding gas barrier properties for MAP applications
Excellent print-receptive coating due to high surface tension layer
Non-halogenated (chlorine-free),solvent-free, clear barrier coated film
Excellent flavor and aroma barrier keeps products tasting and smelling fresh
Acrylic coated side provides flexibility to seal side gussets for good stand-up shelf display

PVOH-coated clear films deliver outstanding gas barrier properties for modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) applications.

The high gas barrier makes it ideal for MAP applications, providing an alternative to halogenated (chlorine-based) polymers

Its excellent flavor and aroma barrier keeps products tasting and smelling fresh, while providing protection from external contaminants,
such as cardboard used for secondary packaging

Provides excellent packaging performance because the outside acrylic surface delivers stable slip and seal characteristics

Promotion :-
Provides high brand visibility on the shelf thanks to high clarity, gloss and stiffness. Laminated to an acrylic OPP film, the structure can be lap sealed and side gussets sealed for stand-up packaging

The PVOH coating’s surface energy helps ink lay-down and its good chemical barrier contributes to reduced solvent retention

Typically the PVOH coating is reverse printed and adhesive laminated to a sealant film, such as blown polyethylene or cast polypropylene, to provide high oxygen protection for sensitive dry foods for prolonged shelf life.
For MAP applications, the pack head space is gas flushed with nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

As an all-polyolefin based solution it can replace polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based or polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC)-coated solutions,while retaining high clarity for vertical or horizontal packaging formats (VFFS, HFFS).

Featuring a polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) coating on one side and an acrylic coating on the reverse Bicor™MB866 delivers excellent all-round performance for dry products requiring MAP, including:
Dry fruits and nuts
Sensitive cereals
Pet foods and treats
Sensitive snacks
Roasted coffees
And many other oxygen sensitive products

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