For Sale - PNE - 3320 - High Speed Roto Gravure Printing Machine - Graphica 3000


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PNE - 3320


High Speed Roto Gravure Printing Machine - Graphica 3000


C. Trivedi & Company, India

Product Details

Newly high speed rotogravure printing machine is a product of the experiences gained from newly developed Graphica series machine in operation. Graphica-3000 is most advanced rotogravure printing machine developed by C.T holds not only the look but also the straightforward brilliant solutions that ensure high optimization and dependability, to gather with end product quality and versatility that meet the demand of a quickly evolving business.

- Max. web width: 800/1000/1200 mm
- Maximum operating speed: 150 / 200 meters /min.
- Print repeat range: 314 to 900 mm
- Printing materials: Foil, Paper, Polyester, BOPP, PP, PVC, LDPE etc.
- Drying source: Electrical / thermic fluid / gas
- Dryer: Closed type single side drying oven
- Dimension of printing station: 600 x 3200 x 65mm
- Registration longitudinal: Motorized ball screw
- Lateral: Manual

Salient feature:
- Modular printing station each being complete in it self for easy adoptability of extra station when required.
- Specially designed compensator roll with ball screw to achieve extra-fine registration.
- All rollers are dynamically balanced to ensure noise and vibration free operation for accurate printing.
- The unique design of the impression roller ensures even application of pressure across the entire width of the substrate.
- Closed type single side drying oven and special type one and one type counter flow arrangement for exhaust and air blowing to get high speed drying.
- In built exhaust system outlet at air flow inlet side.
- To avoided heat loss special type insulation with extra M.S. sheet and glass wool, provided in each dryer.
- Individual control panel at each station for all electrical controls and pneumatic system.
- All digital drive based automatic web tension control system with load cell feed back for un-wind, in-feed, out-feed and rewind this type of control loops ensure the constant tension through-out reel run tight up to unwind to rewind.

Optional attachment:
- Videoscope.
- Automatic registration control system.
- 7 drive with turret.
- Ink circulation system.
- Auto splicing.
- Plc base functions.
- PID control with exhaust with drive controls. Lubrication system.

We also offer:
- Rotogravure printing machine with electronics line shaft.
- Shaft less cylinder chucking system.

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