For Sale - PNE - 3325 - Rotogravure Printing Machine Economy Model


Reference Numbers

PNE - 3325


Rotogravure Printing Machine Economy Model


C. Trivedi & Company, India

Product Details

Available up to 8 colour printing developed by is cost effective and give best result at the speed of 70 to 80 meters per min.

- Kind of web: Film, foil and paper
- Working width: Up to 1000mm
- Print repeat range: 300 mm to 650 mm
- Drying system: Double side
- Speed: 80 meter per min.
- Heating system: Electrical / hot air
- Dimension of station: 400 x 16oo x 32

- Mechanical brake system.
- Suitable diameter of parent rolls 800mm.
- Fixed type single stage C.I Frame.
- Web guiding and tension control (Optional).

Printing head:
- Cast iron size 400 x 1600 x 32 for each station.
- Pneumatic system for important roller and doctor blade.
- Specially developed gearbox reverse, forward and neutral position for cylinder drive.
- Linear rack and gear assembly for registration system manually.

- Torque drive suitable up to 800mm diameter roller width.
- Fixed single shaft mounting assembly.
- Web guide and tension control (optional).

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