For Sale - PR - 3206 - Multi Layer Laminated Film-Tarpaulin


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PR - 3206


Multi Layer Laminated Film-Tarpaulin



Product Details

Advantages of our Tarpaulin over conventional tarpaulin
Films multi oriented and cross laminated for better strength
Cross Lamination in MD and TD so no possibility of De- Lamination. Long product Life.
Excellent weathering resistance due to Cross Lamination in MD and TD both directions.
No Complaint of pin-holes, cracks, shreds. Resistance to Pin holes. Long Lasting Product.
Cross Lamination and 3D structure allows to use lower thickness tarp compared conventional woven tarp and hence reduces weight.
Excellent Sealing Property of product. Ultrasonic welding provides full strength sealing of product.
Excellent water and barrier property.
Good weathering resistance even on direct exposure to sunlight due to in built U V Stabilisation

Excellent Features
3 to 5 times more durable

Higher Performance with a lighter micron offers more environ friendly product, Long life of product reduces plastic waste on planet.

100% Waterproof
Our tarp has good water barriers property, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple / stich free joints make it 100% waterproof.

Easy to Use
Due to lightweight, it is easy to handle.

Protection From Weather

Our tarp has high resistance to varying weather condition. Even with sustained exposure to sunlight, wind, water, rain or snow product continues to have high resistance against crack, peeling, de-lamination, shipping etc. Offers good weather resistance.

Chemical Resistance
Offers good resistance to Chemicals like acid, alkalis, oil, stains etc.

UV Resistance
Our tarps are made by using UV additives for usage in different weather conditions- Exposure to Sunlight or cold winters and snowfalls.

Other salient feature which makes our tarp superior over competitors

1.Ultrasonic Welding
Conventional Tarpaulin and Films are sealed by Stitching, Stapling and other conventional method but Shivaline films/sheets are joined by cutting edge process of Ultrasonic welding.
Faster than conventional process Clean and precise joints.
Strong bonding welding. No leakage from welding.

2. Eyelets:-
We provides eyelet at the corners and sides to form strong attachment for hold, grip and tying the rope.
Well defined positions
Easy to use

3. Wide choice for customer:-
Product is available in all standard size, ready to use carpet/ sheet and roll form also available for customization.
Our Multilayer cross laminated tarps are available in different thickness to suit your application, in 70,90,120,150,200,250,300 GSMs.
Sizes- As per customer specification.
Colours- Multiple range of colours.
Translucent, Blue, Bi Colour : Green / Blue, Green / Silver, Yellow, Orange, etc.