ALA Chemicals has over the four decades crossed several milestones to become a leading PVC heat stabilizer company. ALA has been a pioneer in the field of PVC additives in India. It manufactures chemicals which are used as additives in the polymer industry primarily for PVC. These additives are known as ‘Heat Stabilisers' as they impart thermal stability & prevent degradation of PVC polymer not only in processing but also during its service life. Late Shri S.C. Anand, a technocrat started this company in the early seventies with the technical and financial collaboration of Argus Chemicals, USA and Lankro Chemicals, UK. The entire equity of ALA Chemicals was later bought over by Anand family
The Company manufactures a very wide range of PVC heat stabilizers. They are:
Tin stabilizers
Mixed metal stabilizers
Chelators including organo phosphites
Lead stabilisers (singles and one packs)
ALA also manufactures polymeric polyester type plasticizers for PVC which are non migratory in nature.
ALA is well known for its quality and all its products have established brand equity in the PVC additive market not only in India but also internationally.
As part of its ambitious growth plans ALA Chemicals has added new PVC additives and stabilizers to its portfolio recently. These include:
Methyl tin stabilizer- for container, rigid film & pipe fitting
Heavy metal free stabilizer - for cable & pipe
High efficiency liquid mixed metal stabiliser - for flexible film & leathercloth

ALA has its plant located at Ambernath, near Mumbai. It has wide market coverage in India with its sales offices and distribution network in all metro and tier 2 cities.
ALA has a modern laboratory that has all equipments mainly for PVC, PVC additives and heat stabilizers. Some of them are:
Blown film pilot plant
Pilot plant coating simulation equipment
It also has well equipped analytical instruments facilities that help in development & quality of PVC additives including heat stabilizers. Some of them are:
Gas liquid chromatography (GLC)
Infra red spectrophotometer
Ultra violet fluorescent spectrophotomete
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