Manufacturers of Polyethylene Fabric based Products, HDPE Tarpaulins, Tarp Tents, Waterproof Tarps

Polyethylene Fabric, Tarpaulin Tents, HDPE Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarps, Tarpaulin Fabric
Polyethylene Fabric, Tarpaulin Tents, HDPE Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarps, Tarpaulin Fabric
Established in 1981, Union Quality Plastics is one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene fabric based products for packaging, shelter, waterproofing and horticultural applications. Our head office is located in Mumbai and our manufacturing facility is located in Umbergaon, Gujarat.
More than half of our clients are based internationally and we welcome clients who require us to innovate within our manufacturing process. We have frequently supplied tarpaulins to relief organizations and have thereby developed the ability to deliver high quality materials with short lead times. Our organization is ISO 9001 certified and our tarpaulins and canal linings are BIS certified.
We work on the following flat principles:
• Be quality conscious in everything we do
• Provide excellent value
• Provide the appropriate end-to-end solutions
• Ensure inclusive growth for all our employees
• Respect the environment

About Us

Uni-Tarp HDPE Tarpaulins

Uni-Tarp HDPE Tarpaulins are available in different colors.

Uni-tarp BIS 7903

As per BIS specification Uni-tarp tarpaulin is used by farmers and various Government procurement departments.

Uni-Tarp Tents

Temporary housing provided to various relief organisations across the globe
Why Uni-Tarp Tarpaulins
• Uni-Tarp Tarpaulin is manufactured by latest technology using modern imported machinery
• Uni-Tarp Tarpaulin is Light Weight (merely 1/7th weight of conventional cotton canvas Tarpaulins)
• Uni-Tarp Tarpaulin has highest strength to weight ratio among plastics
• Uni-Tarp Tarpaulin is flexible & puncture resistant (because of high tensile strength and high elongation)
• Uni-Tarp Tarpaulin can be made available in conventional as well as tailor made finishes
• ISO 9001 standard and QMS system are followed
Tarpaulins are widely used in areas like agriculture, construction, and leisure and protection purpose
• Made out of high tenacity polyethylene tapes, woven into fabric and laminated on both sides
• Reinforced with strong ropes on all sides
• Uses special aluminum / plastic eyelets at regular intervals
• Contains U.V. stabilizers on tapes & lamination to ensure longer life
• Packed in Plastic Liner and then in bales
Less Expensive, Lightweight, Cleaner and more hygienic, Water Proof, Rot Proof, Dust-Proof, Chemical Resistant, Washable, Easy Folding and Storage
Available in range of colors, various GSM
Available - sandwiched tarps with two layers of PE-woven fabric and three layers of LDPE Lamination for special application in 250 GSM and 500 GSM, Flame retardant Plastic Tarpaulins
Refugee Camps, Truck covers, Boat covers, Utility covers, Canal lining, Irrigation dam, Wind break, Fumigation covers, Crate covers, Green house and industrial sheds plus hundreds of uses, Privacy walls

Uni-Tarp Tarpaulins

Tarpaulin Tents, HDPE Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarps, Tarpaulin Fabric


• Cost effective
• Durable and tear resistant finish
• Light in weight
• U.V stabilized
• Stitch less, heat sealed and 100% waterproof
• Unaffected by any type of chemical & alkalies
• Available as per customers requirement in different sizes and colors
• Long trouble free utility
• Weather, water and fire resistant
Tarpaulin Tents, HDPE Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarps, Tarpaulin Fabric



Vermibed is made of HDPE and is ideal to create fertilizers and vermiwash used in organic farming.
Ecological benefit:
The municipal wastes; non-toxic solid and liquid waste of the industries and household garbage’s can also be converted into vermin compost in the same manner. Earthworms not only convert garbage into valuable manure but keep the environment healthy. Conversion of garbage by earthworms into compost and the multiplication of earthworms are simple process and can be easily handled by the farmers.

Canal Lining

We manufacture HDPE TYPE II Geomembrane for Waterproof canal lining. Lining of pond does not allow any seepage of liquid into the ground. Adopting this Technology has benefited those farmers where effective water management is required. Farmers are no longer dependent on rainfall as a major source of water. The product is UV stabilized and durable. Moreover in comparison to concrete pond lining it saves 70% water
Sizes that can be manufactured:-
Min size (Width) = 6 ft. Max size (Width) = 150 ft, Length as per requirement
Production per day (Rotational 3 shifts):-17710 kg/day
Tarpaulin Tents, HDPE Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarps, Tarpaulin Fabric

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