largest and the most premium quality
                  PET Preform & Closure Manufacturing Factory in the region

Genoa Plastic Industries (GPI) is one of the young and dynamic PET manufacturing companies in Kuwait having the wide range of PET Preforms and caps (closures) for the mineral/drinking water bottling industries. GPI’s most modern manufacturing facility with 8000 sqr mtr build up area is conveniently located in Amghara Industrial area
Genoa Plastic Industries (GPI) is a distinguished venture of Genoa General Trading Company. The new PET Preform Manufacturing Factory headquartered in Kuwait since 2008 is the largest and the most premium quality Pet Preform Manufacturing facility in the region
GPI is one of the largest and fastest growing PET Preform manufacturers in Kuwait with a current capacity of 1200 MT per month and intended to add more capacity in the near future. All our products are manufactured using the highest quality machines from all over the world. All our preforms and closures are made from 100% virgin raw materials from universally approved suppliers and undergo various tests to ensure and safeguard our quality promise. GPI specializes in manufacturing wide range of Injection Molding PET Preforms and caps for mineral water bottling industries. Our goal is to always provide quality products and outstanding services
GPI consider quality as the prime commitment to all customers and the quality control department with the most modern and fully automatic machineries strictly monitors the standards of each product we produce in every level of production, warehousing and dispatches

GPI is the only company in Kuwait having the extensive range of Preforms and Caps (closures) for Mineral water bottling Industries
GPI’s state of the art manufacturing plant is equipped with most modern machineries with 96 cavity moulds and high production capacity

Our Facilities
World class manufacturing facilities spread across 8,000 square meters in Amghara Industrial area with state of the art production, packing and store area makes GPI different from others
The SIPA Italy and Husky Canada are some of the many high quality and high production machines GPI has invested in. However, that is only the first of many steps which have to be completed in order to accomplish GPI’s quality
Each and every product is produced using incorporated technologically advanced machinery having 96 cavity injection moulds. These results in a smooth finish, flash free, tailless and uniform wall thickness preform with high clarity and low 'AA' level. The design is such that while blowing the preform will get uniform material distribution resulting in superior sturdiness and improved transparency throughout the production process

For us quality means commitment. Our state of the art quality department and lab consist of all latest and fully automatic machineries to assure the quality of each product we produce
The measurement of the Acetaldehyde (AA) content in PET preforms has become one of the key acceptance tests with major bottling companies. AA content in preforms represents the index of polymer degradation occurred during the whole plastification process. GPI, with the help of advanced AA analyzer, ensure AA content of the preform within the acceptable limits

GPI manufactures and supplies PET Preforms for Mineral Water Bottling Industries. No other company in Kuwait offers you so extensive a range. No wonder that the end product is carefully finished, smooth, with flash-free necks, tailless and uniformed wall thickness with high clarity and low 'AA' level. The preforms are so designed that while blowing, the material gets distributed evenly, thereby making absolutely sturdy bottles. GPI has full-fledged laboratory ensuring strict tests at every stage. The designing department provides newer, effective and creative solutions, catering to every requirement of the customers
The GPI Preform Advantage:
• Wide range of preform sizes
• Lower weight and with better physical properties
• Consistent blowing results
• High intrinsic viscosity levels
• Low acetaldehyde levels
• High clarity
• High gloss
• Comprehensive after sales support
• Continuous and rapid development of new products to fulfill customer requirements

Neck Type
Suggested Application
Preform 13.5 Grms Alaska 30/25 mm 250 to 500 ml water bottle
Preform 17 Grms Alaska 30/25 mm 500 to 750 ml water bottle
Preform 28 Grms Alaska 30/25 mm 1 Ltr to 1.25 Ltr water bottle
Preform 32 Grms Alaska 30/25 mm 1.5 Ltr water bottle
Cap / Closure 1.77 Grms Alaska 30/25 mm All 30/25 alaska bottle

PET Preforms

Contact Us
Company Name
Genoa Plastic Industries
Address Plot # 33-40, Amghara Industrial Area, PO Box No. 789, ZIP 15258, Kuwait
Contact Number
+965 2247 3788, Factory: +965 24552759/1479
Contact Number
+965 22450607, Factory+965-24552748
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