Upaj Polycon is manufacturer of PP Disposable cups, glasses, trays and food containers. Our plastic disposable food containers can be made in transparent or opaque colors as required. Polypropylene is eco-friendly and recyclable, and the plastic disposable articles are made from Food Grade material and additives. Our plastic disposables have a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. We can make disposable food containers in different weights, as per the customer's requirements.

Our consistency in quality and service has compelled us to brand our product as "STAR". For reliability and gentility of our products, we even provide with a food grade certificate given to us from our raw material suppliers Reliance Industries and Haldia Petrochemicals.

Our products has some advantages such as
It does not crack like a polystyrene product, even if pressure is applied on it.
It is absolutely environmental friendly.
Product Range of Disposable Cups and Glasses
These are PP clear cups and glasses which are used for filling juices, water, etc.
These are also used by some of the institutions for filling yogurt, ice-creams, etc.
Disposable Range of Disposable Miniature Cups and Glasses
These are made of the same material (PP), but have comparatively smaller dimensions, and they are with designs.
The bigger ones are used for serving tea, coffee, some use even for serving water, etc.
The smaller ones are for filling jelly, pickles, coleslaw, etc.
Different Sizes of Disposable Food Containers
Vastly used by the hotel industries, dairies, bakeries, etc.
Used for filling yogurt, cookies, jelly sweets, ice-creams, etc.
Used for take away parcels in hotels.

100 ML / 130 ML 150 ML / 200 ML 250 ML / 300 ML Food Containers
100 ML / 130 ML 150 ML / 200 ML 250 ML / 300 ML Food Containers
80ML / 120ML 150ML / 180ML 180ML / 210ML 300g
80ML / 120ML 150ML / 180ML 180ML / 210ML 300g
500ML 1000g 1200ML  
500ML 1000g 1200ML  
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