Syndicate Polymers - Manufacturer, Trader and Importer of Polypropylene(PP), GPPS, HIPS, LLDP, HDPE

We are the leading manufacturer, Trader and importer of plastic granules since 1985. Our company imports and supplies the best quality products from different parts of the world and offers customers with unbeatable quality. The main motto of our company is to satisfy the customer with unmatched quality. We are trading all types of plastic granules, but mainly polypropylene(PP), GPPS, HIPS, LLDP, HDPE. We are also manufacturing plastic disposable items such glass, cups, etc

PP: Polypropylene Granules - Reprocessed, Imported, Virgin

Thermoforming grade for plastic disposable crockery, sheets, etc.
Moulding grade and raffia grade for injection moulding, furniture, ropes, sutli, etc.

GPPS Granules: Reprocessed, Imported, Virgin

Toys, Commodities, Cosmetic containers, Cookware, Furniture, Medical equipment, Light aprons, Lighting equipment, Cassette tapes, Fan blades, Medical equipment, School stationery, Optical parts, Vegetable storage bins for refrigerators, Dust covers, Disposable cups, Packing containers, Lighting equipment, Home appliances, Commodities, etc

HIPS Granules: Reprocessed, Imported, Virgin

TV, VCR and monitor housings, Office appliance, Wide TV housings, Complicated structure products, Refrigerator parts, Disposable cups, Trays, Tables watches, Washers, Commodities, etc.

LDPE Granules: Reprocessed, Imported, Virgin

General purpose wrapping(shopping bag, food packing film), Heavy duty films(resin bag, sugar bag, corn powder bag), Shrink wrapping(bottle box wrapping), Pallet shrink covers, Thin films, Agricultural films(greenhouse application, tunnel film, mulching film, Protective films(gel free films for lamination, metal substrates) ,PET coating, Paper coating, Kraft paperPackaging materials for consumer electronics, Packaging material, Automobile interiors, Thermal insulation sheets, etc

HDPE Granules: Reprocessed, Imported, Virgin

Caps for beverage bottles, Pallets for all uses, Containers, Dust bin, Pails and bottle cap for mineral water, Transport and stacking crates, Bottle crates, Silicone Cartridge, Toys complicated parts, Merchandise bags, Consumer trash bags, Industrial and institutional liners, Small bottle, Shampoo and cleaner bottles 20 liter containers, Oil bottle, General purpose containers, Crosslinking Pipe, Silane crosslinking pipe, Sewage pipe, Cable protection pipe, Corrugated pipes for building wire, etc
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