Fusion PPR Pipes, PPR Fittings, Water Storage Tanks, PPR Pipe fittings, Plastic Pipe Systems

PPR Pipes, PPR Fittings, Water Storage Tanks, PPR Pipe fittings, Plastic Pipe Systems
PPR Pipes, PPR Fittings, Water Storage Tanks, PPR Pipe fittings, Plastic Pipe Systems
PPR Pipes, PPR Fittings, Water Storage Tanks, PPR Pipe fittings, Plastic Pipe Systems
Fusion PPR is a leading PPR Pipes and PPR Fittings manufacturer from India. FUSION-PPR PLUMBING SOLUTION is considered the best carrier of potable water, using the revolutionary raw material specified FOOD GRADE, which is strongly believed to be as replacement to conventional GI Pipes which are Prone to rust, leakage and scalping.
FUSION is present in the market of plastic piping systems since 2001. Our major PPR products range covers (polypropylene) PPR plastic pipe systems of pressure and/or hot water (heating) distribution. FUSION PPR System is a dominant producer of PPR Pipe systems in INDIA and ranks among the leading INDIAN manufacturers. To satisfy our customers' needs, technology development is at the foremost position in the goals of our company.

PPR Pipes, PPR Fittings, Water Storage Tanks, PPR Pipe fittings, Plastic Pipe Systems

Mechanical Coupling

• Simple, Fast, easy bolted connection
• Eliminates Butt Wedding
• Eliminate socket fusion welding
• Fast installation
• Economical- A Union at every joint, hence reduce the cost of flange assembly
• Easy to remove and rotate pipe for increase pipe life
• No special tool required (Jack, Mirror, Electricity)
• Pressure: 4 Kgf to 16 Kgf
Mechanical Coupling

Fusion ABS Pipes & Fittings

Fusion ABS Pipes & Fittings Advantage:
• Ductile down to -40°C
• Minimum 50 year design life
• Non corrodible
• Robust and reliable
• Lightweight, Tough and durable
• No scaling
• Reduced noise compared to metal
• Fast and reliable solvent cement jointing
• Low thermal conductivity
Fusion ABS Applications:
Chilled water/air conditioning, Water treatment, Sewage treatment, Process cooling water, Effluent and chemical processing, Film processing, Electrolytic metal refining, Food processing and soft drinks, Pharmaceutical products
Fusion ABS Pipes & Fittings

PPR Pipes

PPR Pipes manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer. Can also be used in hot water systems besides being used in sanitary networks.
• Easy to weld
• Fast installation
• Installation without scrap
• Low costs
• At 20°C it stands up to PN25
• 50 years of service life is guaranteed
• Can be used at 95°C
• No corrosion
• No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals
• Doesn't contaminate drinking water with corrosion
• No crack formation due to ice under 0°C
• Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions
• Could be carried easily because of its weight being 1 8th of its metal substitute
• Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost
PPR Pipes

PPR Fittings

• Coupler
• End Cap
• Tee
• Elbow 45°
• Elbow 90°
• Pipe plug
• By pass bend
• Double Union Ball Cork (Plastic)
• Double Union Ball Cork (Brass)
• Plastic union
• Cross tee
• El Welding Coupling
• Stop valve
• Concealed Stop Valve
• PPR Ball Valve Plastic)
• PPR Ball Valve (Brass)
• Reducing Tee
• Elbow FT
• Elbow MT
• Tee FT
• Tee MT
• Union FT
• Reducer
• Reducing Elbow
• Union MT
• Coupling FT
• Coupling MT
• Single union Ball Cork
• Flange Socket
• Clamp
• Flange Sillipon
• Long siphon
• Tank Nipple
• Long Bend
PPR Fittings

PPR Submersible Pump Pipe

Fusion® submersible flange joint piping system in a innovation in the history of PPR pipes. Because keeping in mind all the short coming of the existing available pipes for submersible pump. We have innovated an ultimate submersible piping system
• Long life span – 50 to 100 years as per DIN-8077/78
• Fusion PPR-Pipe is Food Grade and Hygienic
• Easy Installation – conventional jointing system
• Low cost
• Low electric consumption due to more out-put and less pumping hours
• Resistance ton chemicals – Even with higher temperature up to 100 C as per ISO - 7471
Range Of PPR Submersible Flange Pipes
• ECONOMY: maximum use up to 250ft.
• LIGHT: maximum use up to 400ft.
• MEDIUM: maximum up to 500ft.
• HEAVY: maximum use up to 625ft.
PPR Submersible Pump Pipe

PPR Pipe Coils

We have also introduced Joint less Coil pipe with Flange connection for the convenience of the customer by easy installation through Flange joints. It is available in different lengths and dimensions. The length can be increased by joining the flange pipe available in 3 miters length. In this system, extension piece is to be joined at both the ends, required for pump assembly and at top for fittings assembly.
SERIES: Economy, Light, Medium, Heavy
PPR Pipe Coils

Fusion PPR UV Pipes

Thermoplastic materials are susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) degradation upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. Evidence of such degradation could be observed as a color change. The rate at which degradation may occur varies based on the availability of air, water, oxygen and other oxidizing agents. The use of black pigment in fusion UV pipes will improve weathering characteristics by helping to screen out the ultraviolet light. Pigments are incorporated into the resin system to act as a further barrier to UV penetration into the laminate. Since UV degradation is a surface phenomenon the most efficient means of prolonging the integrity of the reinforcement it to place a resin-rich protective layer on the surface of the pipe. On account of this, fusion UV pipes are over-wrapped with an organic barrier layer to provide even greater UV resistance.
• The surface layer which includes UV stabilizers increases the service
  life of the PP-R pipe for around 5 years
• UV stabilizers operates only on the surface layer, never contact with the inside
  liquid and PP-R pipe transports water safely
• Designers and installers should note that although fusion UV pipe has a better resistance to
  UV degradation compared with normal PP-R pipes, depending on the weather conditions,
  the degradation of the material under the sunlight cannot be avoided completely
Fusion PPR UV Pipes

Fusion Water Storage Tank

Blow moulded HDPE triple and Double Layer water tanks. Fusion believes in meaningful innovations and which has gives birth to Guru & Rock Fusion water storage tanks. Advance technology co extrusion fusion water tank manufactured with advance technique co-extrusion blow molding machine which is incorporated with spiral mandrel combination system with flow differentiation design to achieve the even wall thickness throughout the tank. This gives overall strength to the structure of tank.
Monocoque body
Light weight, well-balanced body supports stability. At Fusion, we play safe ensuring the highest standards with advanced solid Monocoque structure, making sure that there is no compromise when it comes to your Sweet Home
Supreme Airtight Threaded Lid:
• Airtight screwable lid
• Keeps water fresh
• Keeps dirt and files out
• Does not blow in windy days
Bolder ribs
Fusion Water Tanks score big when if come to looks. A bolder front ribs, muscular styling, a strong lower body that looks apart, striking new threaded lid makes it a masterpiece
Plumber friendly
Multi outlet option along with inlet and overflow configurations help plumbers in easy connection
More Strong
Advanced solid Monocoque structure with bolder ribs support stability and reduce bulging when the tank is full
Food Grade HDPE material ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the water
Keeps water fresh
Supreme airtight threaded lid ensures that the content of tank is free from dust and files
Uniform Wall
The latest evolution of blow mould technology goes a step ahead of its predecessors. It re-examines the frame structure with consistent wall thickness and thereby allows even more effective balanced weight of whole tank
Fusion Water Storage Tank
Supreme Airtight Threaded Lid

Customer’s satisfaction is a precondition for further existence of the company, therefore the main priorities and goals of FUSION PPR SYSTEM company include satisfying needs and expectations of customers (clients) within the area of plastic piping systems. Satisfying customers’ needs is understood providing supplies within the term agreed on and in the quality required. Negotiation with customers must be prompt and correct. Eventual problems in the company-customer relation must be resolved operatively within the shortest time possible. Our goal is to continuously increase and improve the level of our customer

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