Vector Polymers is one of India's largest producers of (PPR-C) plumbing pipe system under the brand name, ‘Vectus.' Vectus Sanitized® PPR Plumbing system is ideal for installation in potable water pipe networks, for cold and hot installations including those in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office & school buildings, solar plants and the like. Vectus Sanitized PPR pipes plumbing system can be used in pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems like those in the compressed air plants, swimming pool facilities and so on. Besides, PPR pipe plumbing system from Vectus is also perfectly suitable in pipe networks for industry including pipes for transportation of aggressive fluids like acids and liquid foods. Vectus PPR Plumbing System can be installed on the walls providing a more practical, easier, quicker, cleaner, and economical plumbing system.


• Vectus PPR Pipe Plumbing System can be used for Hot and cold water application.
• PPR Pipe Plumbing system from Vectus can be used for transportation of all kinds of liquid foods.
• Vectus PPR Plumbing System can be used for piping system in Industries like transportation of aggressive
  fluids (acids, chemicals, alkalis etc.) and for conveying compressed air.
• Vectus PPR Plumbing System can be used in piping in agricultural use.
• PPR Plumbing System can be applied to under-floor heating pipes.
• A single Vectus PPR Plumbing System has manifold uses.

7 Reason Why should switch to vectus PPR Plumbing System
• Vectus PPR Pipes Plumbing System offers over 50 years lifespan 
• PPR Pipes Plumbing System is completely corrosion resistant
• Vectus PPR Pipes Plumbing System completely destroys microbial growth
• PPR Plumbing System from Vectus qualifies as a ‘food grade' system
• Vectus Plumbing System can be applies for hot and cold application
• Vectus PPR Plumbing System has an unique ‘triple layer design'

When you use Vectus PPR Plumbing System, just fit it forget it

Due to its commitment to provision of quality products and services at reasonable costs, Vectus has established itself as a reputed supplier in the market for plumbing systems. At Vectus, we pursue the principle of, "Water is life, innovation is focus and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal." Vectus is not only dedicated to promoting the development of plastic, but also in making contributions to improving the living situations of the people. Vectus, having its registered office at Gwalior and marketing office at Noida operates through its regional offices at Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Pune, Bangalore, Raipur and Guwahati thereby extends to almost all prominent locations from Kashmir to Kerala and Assam to Gujarat. Recently, Vectus has also established another production base and R&D centre at Haridwar in Uttaranchal. In the very near future, Vectus will diversify into PVC drainage systems.

Features of Vectus Plumbing System

PPR Pipe- PN 20/SDR 6 Thread Plug
PPR Pipe- PN 16/SDR 7.4 Pipe Clip
Coupler Male Threaded Tee
Elbow 90° Female Threaded Tee
Equal Tee Male Threaded Elbow
Reducing Tee Female Threaded Elbow
Reducing Socket Male Threaded Adaptor
Union Female Threaded Adaptor
Cross Cutter
End Cap Socket Fusion D
• Only Vectus PPR Pipes Plumbing Systems have a unique ‘triple layer design.'
• Vectus PPR Pipes Plumbing Systems is a certified ‘anti-microbial' plumbing system and serves as the most
  hygienic system to transport drinking water.
• Only Vectus Plumbing System is protected against UV radiation for outdoor application
• Vectus Plumbing System is taste & odour neutral and a ‘food grade' material.
• Vectus Plumbing Systems have long-term performance of 50 plus years, even under high mechanical stress
  and high internal pressure resistance.
• Pipe Plumbing System by Vectus offers easy installation as compared to all other piping systems.
• Vectus is cost effective, lowest on pocket and highest on satisfaction.
• Vectus Pipes Plumbing System is non-corrosive, non-calcifiable and has non-contracting diameter relative to
  the conventional systems.
• Vectus offers very smooth surface, minimal pressure drops.
• PPR Plumbing System has homogenous joints and remains leak-proof for life.
• Vectus Plumbing System offers good chemical resistance to be applied for Industrial application.
• Vectus Systems provide high temperature-resistance up to 93 o C.
• Vectus Plumbing System provides sound insulation
• Vectus Pipes Plumbing Systems possess low specific weight for easy transportation and handling.
• Low thermal conductivity of Vectus Systems offers energy efficiency.
• Vectus PPR Pipe Plumbing Systems are Flexible & tough for use in high seismic zones. Top
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