EPC Plastics is a manufacturer of Tubes, Hoses Pipes of Plastic & Sleevings, soft sleevings, Tubing (Transparent, Florescent, Milky and Garden Hoses), Non-toxic and Vacuum Tubes. Our Products find application in Automotive, Wiring Harness for Electrical & Electronic, Telecom Industries.

PVC Sleevings, Tubing, Garden Hoses, Florescent Tubes, Milky Tubes

Argon Welding Tubes & Handles Sleeves(Ribbed)

Soft Sleeves (White & Yellow Colour for Portable ID Ferrule Printers)

Non-Toxic & Vacuum Tubes (Milk Vending Machines etc.)

PVC Sleeves:

0.5mm I.D to 60mm I.D
Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow & Green - only black above 12mm
Application: Electrical Panels, Automobiles Industries, Specially Wiring Harness for Electrical & Electronic Industry, Telecom Industry and Submersible pump manufacturing


PVC Transparent, Milky Florescent Tubes & Garden Hoses

3/32 I.D to 1.1/2 I.D in various thicknesses as per price list
Applications: Gardening, Pneumatics, Sprayers, Conveying fluid, Argon welding machine tubes etc.


PVC Soft Sleeves

Printable Soft Sleeves for panel industries white & yellow colour for Portable ID Ferrule Printers

Florescent Tubes PVC Transparent Tubes Garden Hoses Tubes
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