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Established in 1995, Prosin Molds is a privately owned company that was created to offer innovative and cost effective injection molds to the plastics industry. This simple formula has proven to be successful and is the number one reason why Prosin Molds enjoys an expanding client base that includes not only molders, but other injection mold manufacturers. The team at Prosin has over 30 years of experience in the injection molding industry. Our entrepreneurial approach to business allows us to embrace the changes required to meet the challenges in today's plasticsTop industry. This ensure s not only our own success, but that of our cliental.
Prosin Molds has made a strategic business decision to offer its clients more than just a mold; we will ensure the project is successful!  
1) Client Profitability
Lowest part cost.
Provide the best molds in terms of operational efficiency, requiring minimal operator supervision, providing the lowest scrap rates.
Willing to make guarantees and back them up in writing.
Deliver on time, fully functional molds ready to run in the client's facility.
2) Customer Intimacy

Focused on developing long term relationships that are based on value.
Attain an in depth understanding of our client's business that will allow us to develop an implicit understanding of their needs, reducing communication, errors and costs.
3) Easy to do Business With
Quick turnaround time on inquiries.
Fast answers to complex issues.
Flexibility - we listen!
More experience = less risk.
4) Front End Support
Fully support your inquiries - will do more than just quote a mold!
Spend time with clients at the inquiry stage to optimize mold and part designs, reducing the cost of the project.
System configuration:
Mold size.
Hot runner selection.
Machine size and option requirements.
Product handling alternatives.
Cycle estimates.
5) Value

Full engineering support, including:
Product design and development.
Mold design optimization.
3D mold designs.
Completely detailed mold components.
Project management services, including:
Project plan, including schedule.
Formal kick off, design review and progress update meetings.
Complete document control, including change notices.
High quality molds:
Fully hardened, completely interchangeable molding inserts.
Pre-hardened, stainless steel mold bases.
Fully interlocked core to cavity alignment.
Completely optimized cooling and venting.Top
Adjustment or tuning of critical sizes.
Prosin Molds is more than just a mold maker.  We offer comprehensive support serviceServicess to our clients that will save them time and money.
Product Development
Speed to market is crucial to remaining competitive.  By offering plastic product development services, Prosin Molds can effectively reduce this time.  These services include:
  • 3 Dimensional Concept Models.
  • Product Drawings.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • SLA Modeling.
  • Prototype Molds.
  • Quality Control and Inspection.
  • Determination of QC measurement techniques and methodologies.
  • Other related product design services include:
  • Optimized Mold-Ability.
  • Reduce tooling costs.
  • Reduce cycle times.
  • Improve part quality.
  • Light-Weighting Programs.
  • Reduce resin costs.
  • Reduce cycle times.
    Do you have a plastic product development or optimization requirement?  Is your product development staff overloaded?  If so, contact Prosin Molds today at sales@prosinmolds.com.
    Mold Repair, Refurbishment and Maintenance.

    In today's economy, getting the most out of a tooling investment is a priority.  Prosin Molds offers mold repair and refurbishment services for not only the molds it has built, but for molds built by other mold makers. We will work with your production team to thoroughly plan the refurbishment process so the amount of down time is minimized.  Once the mold is received, it will be completely dismantled and inspected to verify the corrective action.  If the drawings and math data have gone missing, Prosin Molds has the capability to reverse engineer the mold to regenerate the information.  Once complete, the molds are fully tested, delivered ready to run in your facility. Are you experiencing high scrap rates from your mold?  Is your mold running as efficiently as it did when it was new?  See what money can be saved by contacting Prosin Molds Top
  • Prosin Molds offers a wide variety of injection mold products to provProsin Moldside the best injection molding solution for our cliental.  Our expertise ranges from single face pilot tooling to 96 cavity molds. 
    Our products include:
    Prototype and Pre-Production Pilot Molds
    Single Face Molds
    Stack Molds
    Slide Action Molds
    Bump off or Strip Molds
    Unscrewing  Molds
    Collapsible Core Molds
    Multi-Stage Ejection Molds
    In Mold Product Handling
    Hot Runner Technology
    Prosin's expertise in hot runners allow us to integrate the hot runner of youHot Runner Technology r choice, provide recommendations or take full system responsibility.  Hot runner companies we work with include Mold Masters and Husky Injection Molding Systems.
    Mold Testing
    Prosin Molds delivers molds that are production ready.  They are tested at the Negri-Bossi Canadian Technical Centre, located less than 4 kilometers from Prosin Molds.  It is equipped with 80 to 400 ton machines and has the capability to web cast the molding parameters to our out of town customers as the machine is running.  Each mold comes complete with test report and set up guide.


    Prosin Molds offers product development support along with prototype and production molds for applications that include:
  • Food and Beverage
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Household and Industrial
  • Audio/Visual
    Products included in this segment are:
  • Deodorant Cases
  • Water and carbonated soft drink (CSD) tamper evident beverage closures
  • Vials and push & turn closures
  • Dispensing (flip top) closures
  • Dairy and hot fill closures
  • Aerosol caps
  • Detergent measuring caps and spouts.
  • DVD cases.
  • Packaging Market
    Medical Market
    Prosin Molds offers product development support along with injection molds for both medical disposables and devices.
    Our team of professionals is adept at meeting the challenges associated with the design, development, and manufacture of parts and molds certified for use in class 100,000 clean room environments.
    Medical Market
    Electrical Market
    Prosin Molds offers product development support along with prototype and production molds for the electrical market sector that demands precision and high volumes.
    At Prosin Molds, we specialize in intricate parts, molded from a variety of materials commonly used for electrical parts.  These materials range from ABS - to nylon - to PVC.  Our close relationship to leading hot runner suppliers allows us to recommend the hot runner that is best suited for our client's application.
    Proven Performance and Reliability
    Prosin designed and built a 96 cavity mold for a small, high volume electrical component.  The mold ran 40% faster than the client anticipated and has been in operation for almost 10 years with only routine maintenance.  This, combined with highly competitive mold pricing ensures this client will profitably meet their business objectives.
    At Prosin Molds, we work hard to understand and meet the needs of each client with: service, quality, interchangeability, precision, reliability, durability and value.
    Electrical Market Top

    Prosin Molds Design and Manufacturing Capabilities - Providing 21st Century Solutions
    Product Design and Engineering
    Our expert engineers work in 3D Solid Works, developing optimum solutions for any product.  They provide personalized hands-on service through the entire development cycle of each item.
    Mold Design and Engineering Mold design and engineering is a unique process for each and every product. Our expert engineers review and analyze even the smallest aspect of a product; assuring the production of only the highest quality, well-designed, and properly engineered molds.  Design review meetings are conducted using 3D models.  These meetings are often held remotely, using web-based conferencing software.  This keeps our customers updated while reducing their travel costs.
    Mold Manufacturing Prosin CNC programmers, mold makers, and machinists utilize our Manufacturing Process Plan, insuring information accuracy from engineering to production. Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art machinery, our experts create reliable, high-quality production molds in a temperature controlled room.
    Mold Modifications and Maintenance Whether product improvement or simple mold maintenance, challenges are easily met by the professionals at Prosin Molds. We engineer and execute required changes or improvements for any mold upon request, regardless of whether it was manufactured at Prosin or elsewhere.
    Project Management Prosin subscribes to the Project Management Institutes best practices for managing projects.  Our team is led by a Project Management Professional (PMP) to ensure cost-efficient products are delivered on time, without compromising quality or specifications.
    Engineering Change All engineering changes whether internal or externally driven are fully documented toTop ensure full traceability.  Impact on project scope, time and/or cost is immediately communicated to our client.

    Product Design and Development
    A new client came to Prosin to develop a novel looking deodorant case.  The team at Prosin Molds came up with a product design that demanded a complicated parting line arrangement.  After the design was approved, Prosin produced the prototype molds for the entire package, including the body, elevator, platform and cap.  Upon completion of the product's development, Prosin went on to build all the production molds for the program. Our efforts resulted in the client getting their idea to market in less than 5 months.
    Who better than a mold maker experienced in product design to bring your products to market faster?
    At Prosin, we can also economically meet your specific production requirement by offering either small, single face molds or large, multi-cavity stack molds for demanding packaging applications.
    Proven Performance and Reliability
    Recently, a client had to increase their output of a part that had complex surfaces and numerous shut offs.  Prosin supplied a mold that ran 20% faster with double the number of cavities. The mold was delivered on time and went into production immediately after a planned adjustment was made to arrive at final sizing.
    A high level of mold design expertise combined with very precise machining is required to ensure a mold will produce complex components within their specified tolerance and remain flash free.
    Our expert team of mold design engineers working in 3D Solid Works, develops leading edge mold designs that ensure high performance and reliability.  Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities produce fully hardened tooling within tolerances of 0,005 mm (.0002).  This not only produces quality parts, but allows for complete component interchangeability; necessary to meet the high volume demands of the packaging markets.
    Proven Innovation
    Chronic cracking in an oral device from a competitor's mold had increased over time to the point where the scrap rate had reached 90%.  The client called on us to come up with a solution that would eliminate this issue in a new mold.  Prosin's guaranteed approach successfully resolved the problem and at the same time, reduced the mold size so it could fit into a smaller molding machine.
    Reliability = On Time Mold Delivery plus On Time Mold Start Up
    A new client manufacturing disposable medical components, expressed surprise when our first mold for them produced parts that could immediately be sent to Quality Control after its first test.  The parts quickly passed the QC tests and the mold went into production months ahead of the client's scheduled start up date.
    In today's competitive environment, delivering a mold on time is not good enough.  Time to market is critical so the mold start up must be predictable.  A high level of mold design expertise combined with very precise machining is required to ensure a mold will produce components that are within their specified tolerance and are flash free. 
    Our expert team of mold design engineers working in 3D Solid Works, develops leading edge mold designs that ensure high performance and reliable start ups.  Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities produce fully hardened tooling within tolerances of 0,005 mm (.0002).  This not only results in quality parts at the initial start up, but allows for complete component interchangeability; necessary to meet the high volume demands of the disposable markets.  These capabilities also include the mold polishing skill necessary to meet optical grade molding surface finishes required in petrie dishes and well plates. Top
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