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We are manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine which is producing the high quality plastic material for cellular phone, semi-conductor and other engineering plastic products. The plastic is well known as a materials for easy-process, no rust, lightweight, strong durability and unlimited applicable materials. Besides, it is a necessary capital goods which can in the very wide industry, development of new goods as well as the high level of industrial structure due to low pricing of raw materials.
Sales vision
Plastic is the important materials for basic even in all industry.
In recently, the necessity of plastic is more expanding and increasing from it industry to semi-conductor industry and IT industry

Developing Hi-technology

Acquire a leading position in technology competitiveness by aggressive R&D investment and continual development of new concepts.
Differentiate models
Allow a wider range of selection from a variety of differently graded models of equipment
Construction of various levels of sales networks
Increase exchange of information and support by constructing various levels of sales networks with small units of sales network.
Customer financing
Provide customer financing to lower the burden on the customer while increasing cash flow.
Anytime's A/S system Top
Gain memberships from "Speed Club" so customer can have anytime A/S and the other benefit as well.
Woojin Selex has developed variable models from " Selex-NE series" as a first runner in Korea to the economic class "Selex-ND series" Customers can choose a model what they want according to the price and capability of models.
Kinds of Injection Molding Machine
This machine is designed to assure the least consumption of energy so that the customers can accomplish the highest returns on investment and the most cost effectiveness in operating the machine. The structure of the machine is designed to be simple and compact so that minimum space is needed for installation. Photo coupler also is adopted for the input and output of the controller to eliminate the contacts and to lengthen the operational life of the machine
The hydraulic and link system for this model is designed to reduce the cycle time. Compact Closed Loop
The operator can select the injection mode of either low speed & high pressure or high speed & low pressure as needed by applying ghe multi-injection rate system.
This feedback controlled by closed-loop system is for accuracy and high repeatability.
There force high precision and high quality production can be realized by this system.
Comes with optimum combination of hydraulic pressure circuit and controller for high cycles, Ultimate Closed Loop
allows feed-back control of injection and clamping zones for improved pressure control, resulting in excellent reproducibility. High speed in injection using accumulator device enables thin molding and precision molding processes

Two Platium Direct Lock
This type machine is designed by two platen direct lock type of new clamp method and
it is composed of hydraulic system to be reduced the installation area by compact design

Electric Machine
Energy-saving & low-noise
Productivity improvement with synchronized mechanism.
Precision control : position tolerance limit ¡¾0.01mm
High-speed five-linkage toggle structures.
Consistent injection works by high out-put & high-response AC servo motor.
Easy operation with the color touch-screen control.
Stable high speed clamping structures with five-linkage toggles.
Precise control under hi-speed & hi-pressure with accurate injection unit.
Energy-saving and lower noise level.
Increased productivity through the synchronized mechanism

New technology Machine

High speed and pressure for ultra thin-wall products Anti-abrasion screw and barrel
Easy interchange of general and special-purpose injection units on the dual-purpose bed frame structures. 10.4¡± LCD monitor for user friendly operation.

High-speed, high-pressure injection capability for precision molding. Ultimate Closed Loop
Excellent reproducibility and responsiveness with servo valve for feed-back controls.
High clamping force and excellent performance to meet the special features of injection products.
High-speed and high-pressure injection to meet the special features of injection products.
Wear-resistant screw & barrel assembly particularly for mold frame manufacturing.
Optimum injection molding with the injection units particularly for mold frame.

Two Color Machine
This system produces a part with two different raw materials for colors in a single
operation including two injection units, two stable clamp rams and all closed-loop system, which is suitable for precise molding. This technology allows you to produce goods with precision, speed and reproducibility.


Tehnological expertise that is recognized by prominent international companies and financial firms.
Woojin Selex has secured foreign investments and reached an agreement on strategic sales alliances with overseas companies thanks to the recognition of its outstanding technological expertise.
The company has obtained the CE mark.

Superior brand value based on Woojin Selex's own technology
The development of this state of the art injection molding machine is a great achievement of Woojin Selex's R&D center.
The company's branded product value continues to increase due to its Hi-technology.
A vast array of products graded by models
Injection molding machines called selex are graded by models.
This enables users to choose specific models that are suitable for their production needs and uses.
Anytimes repair and maintenance, as well as regular A/S system
"Speed Club" is the Woojin Selex's A/S group and operates through membership.
The member companies that possess injection molding machines enjoy a wide range of benefits, including anytime's repair and maintenance as well as regular A/S.
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Contact Person Mr. Mike (Jong Hyuck) You / +82 - 10 - 4747 - 4921

Overseas Business H.Q / Assistant Manager, Cheongra Industrial Complex, 673-3, Gyeongseo-dong,
Seo-gu, Incheon, 404-170, Korea

Contact Number +82 - 32 - 5808 - 335
Contact Number +82 - 32 - 573 - 7030
Email jhyou@iselex.com
Website http://www.iselex.com/e/html/
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