Innovative Solutions for Synthetic Non-Woven Fabrics and Services related to Filtration Fabrics

AIM has emerged as a company that provides innovative solutions to the customers for synthetic Non-woven fabrics and services related to filtration fabrics. Our services include conversion of non-wovens, Pleating, Lamination, Pockets Manufacturing, Ultrasonic welding, Plain Roll & Continuous Roll. Accomplish fabrics range from 10GSM- 500 GSM with fiber diameter of 1 micron to 15 microns. Rolled goods as well as semi finished are available in width up to 1.6 meters. AIM products under go extensive certification.
The current ranges of certifications available are:
• ISO- International standards organization    
• Ashrae 52-2 American Standard 
• EU779- Eurovent standards
• MSDS- Material safety data sheets           
We also have an extensive set up of test lab equipment which includes:
• Ashrae 52-5/EN779 test rigs for air filter media
• Air permeability testers as per standard IS 11056:84
• Thickness testers as per standard D:1777
• Opacity testers as per IS 11056:84
• GSM testers as per Standard ASTM D: 3776
• Tensile testers as per Standard ASTM D: 5035
• Optional microscopy
• SEM aging analysis
Our in house capabilities include:

• Meltblown Nonwovens
• Complete Lamination
• Turnkey converting facility

• Pleating Capabilities
• Efficient Team
• Surface Treat

We offer filtration products to enhance the quality of air and water. Our products effectively combat contamination and control infection at the source. Our high quality filters can prevent respiratory and water-borne diseases. We always envisage new possibilities through development & technology up gradation for products to ensure improvement of health, hygiene and well being of people at our society.

NonWoven Engineered Medias

Air Filter Media

Our Air Filter Medias are made of composite structures and micro fiber fabrics. The Medias are manufactured by using a special technique under a US Patent to provide
• Low Pressure Drop
• High dust holding capacity
• Specified Efficiencies
The non wovens are engineered so as to achieve:
• Maximum Media Strength
• Surface Stability
• Product Enhancement By Performance Engineering
Air Filter Media

Meltblown Media

One of the most significant and newer development in non woven industry is the micro or nano fiber technology. Based on US technology, our meltblown System has the ability to develop and produce micro or nano fiber webs to cover a vast range of end applications in technical textile segment such as Filtration, Automotive, Medical Disposable, Oil Absorbents, Electronic, Garments, Consumer. Meltblown Media

Face Mask Media

In the recent times of swine flue, avian flue and other such pandemics, we have realized a need for the requirement of high efficiency filter media. Supplied on a global basis our filter Medias are used in both flat as well as molded masks. The media supplied by us adheres to the US respiratory standards like N95 or the Euro vent standards of FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The media is characterized by exceptional uniformity and high bacterial filtration efficiency which enables the user to prepare masks of highest order. The Medias are tested in laboratories of highest order. The results of such tests as on indication are enclosed. Face Mask Media

Vacuum Bags Media

With the advent of modern day cleaning methods, modern day requirement is to produce filter bags for vacuum cleaner which stop every type of contaminant from dust to microbes from getting back into the environment. A melt blown filter media does this job well and hence is a very well accepted media for all exhaust applications. The vacuum cleaner bag grade media are available in various ranges in melt blown configurations and are available in basis weight of range of 19 to 40 gsm in melt blown and composite structure formats. Vacuum Bags Media

Liquid Filtration

In recent times the water shortage has been a topic of extensive debates. In developing countries like India, African continents water scarcity is challenging the basis of life. In our endeavor to help the global causes we have ensured an initiative in this regard and help many filtration companies around the globe to liquid filtration problems with our medias. Liquid Filtration

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Media is made from variety of high carbon-content substances including coal, wood, coconut shells and bamboo cusses the carbon agent acts like a natural sponge. The carbon agents are highly porous and have a vast amount of surface area (one gram of activated carbon may have a surface area exceeding 1,000 m2). The activated carbon media acts on the following odor substance:
Alcohols, Combustion exhausts, Antiseptics & Soaps, Household smells, Body odors, Liquid fuels, Cigarette smoke, Musty or Stuffy odors, Cooking odors, Organic chemical odors, Cleaning agents, Pet odors, Cosmetics & Perfumes, Paint, Remodeling & Refinishing odors etc. As odor molecules come into contact with the carbon, they are drawn into the carbon and held into place by a variety of forces similar to a magnetic or gravitational attraction
Activated Carbon

Cabin Air Filter Media

Cabin Air Filters offer protection from outside air for you and your family. Cabin Air Filters stop allergens, dust, soot, and bacteria from entering your car. The filter Medias available from Aim are capable of providing state of the art Medias for the application. Cabin Air Filter Media

Converted Goods

Pocket Filter

Pockets & bags are manufactured from 100% synthetic fibers, which are formed into a high loft blanket that is designed to achieve a low initial resistance and high dust holding capacity. The media is formed into pockets by means of sealing to assure proper pocket inflation and elimination of air bypass. AIM pockets & bag are configured to achieve even airflow, full inflation and minimal resistance. Pocket Filter

Pleats & Pleated Packs

Pleated Packs are available from AIM, which can be assembled with cardboard frames to form a pleated pre-filter. The purpose of the pleats is to provide the maximum filtration area for a given volume. The pleated packs are manufactured to meet a variety of customer needs, as per their specifications. Pleats & Pleated Packs

Oil Absorbent

Product Range:
• Fine Fiber Absorbents
• Sonic Bonded Absorbents
• Laminated Absorbents
• Melt Blown Absorbents

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