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Anukampa Polymers & Technologies (P) Ltd. is a pioneer in manufacturing of PVC Compounds in India.
We specialize in providing customized PVC compounding solutions to the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Based at Hyderabad, India we have been offering quality PVC compounds for more than 3 decades. We offer our customers customized, yet cost competitive and best compounding and coloring solutions with uncompromized quality, including colored PVC compounds, as well as PVC composites like PVC + Nitrile blends or PVC + ABS alloys or PVC + Wood composites.
Our highly reputed PVC compounds are used in the manufacturing of wires & cables, medical items, injection molded articles, blow bottles, semi-rigid injection molding items, footwear, automobile, electrical and other sleeves, and a number of other related PVC products.
Our compounds are always the first choice to meet any requirement. We have gained recognition for our excellent and consistent quality and technical support. We are recognized as quality supplier, meeting the tight schedules, demanding specifications, both national and international as well any product specific technical parameters. We are able to achieve, maintain and improve our premier position through a careful selection of raw material suppliers to ensure reliable and consistent quality of raw materials, high technology production facilities and control, dedicated and well trained personnel, management commitment, research and development, quality assurance emerging from ISO certified design, development, manufacturing and marketing process, and control on all products and materials.
As a customer focused company, we are organized to meet customer expectations on PVC compounds. Through constant dialogue, we obtain a synergy essential for continuous compound development, improvement and innovation. This allows us optimum use of our expertise in each particular market.

Our employees are trained to solve and prevent problems and to continuously improve our operations and thus the PVC compounds, color masterbatches and composites that we offer. Our Development and Production facilities are ISO 9000 certified thus assuring a quality that is consistent.
   Research and Development
Our design and development expertise is the backbone of our high performance PVC Compounds, TPEs and Color Master Batches. We provide pro-active and responsive technical support, product development and product establishment at the customers' place.

We take pride in our expertise to formulate specific PVC Compounds to meet client's requirement and specifications through research and development and quality management system.

We have an updated research and development set up, including a pilot plant, backed by a comprehensive quality assurance set up, to design and develop PVC Compounds (colored or natural), PVC NBR / ABS blends or Color Master Batches.
Anukampa is the premier company engaged in manufacturing of PVC Compounds, TPEs and Color Master Batches. Based in Hyderabad, India, we are the preferred source of PVC Compounds, TPEs and Color Master Batches for our customers for their critical requirements.

Our PVC compounds and TPEs are a necessary and vital raw material in the production of a number of products like industrial cables, house wiring cables, automotive wires, power plug cords for appliances, lead wire for explosives, accessories for computer hardware, extruded profiles, tubes, sleeves, and molded components and parts for industrial and consumer markets. These are some of the examples of everyday products that use our compounds and master batches. Anukampa maintains its leading market position through modern manufacturing techniques, quality systems, safety, and quick efficient distribution. We support our customers with widest range of PVC Compounds and Master Batches. This exhaustive range keeps getting increased further with new product development based on new and challenging applications.

We have a very comprehensive range of PVC Compounds and Blends and Color Master Batches for various applications, including for PVC wire & cables, injection and blow molding, extrusion etc. We also offer PVC Compounds, if required by the customers, meeting the stringent requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards and International Standards such as IS:5831, IS:1554, 1S:694, 1S:13176 BS:6746, ASTMD-2863, ASTMD-2843, IEC-754-I, etc.
Our infrastructure includes 6 compounding/extrusion lines with one German line (air cooled type resulting in better electrical and physical/mechanical properties) and one co-rotating, two stage twin screw extruder(air cooled as well water cooled palletizing), full-fledged Q.C. Laboratory, a complete Pilot Plant and of course, competent and experienced personnel. We are also an ISO Certified company . Please note that with this kind of capabilities, we can offer best compounding solution by way of Custom Made PVC Compounds to our esteemed customers to optimize the cost-benefit ratio.

With our infrastructure, experience and expertise, we take pride in the fact that we are fully equipped to offer Cost Effective Compounding Solutions with Optimum and Consistent Quality. This ability has helped us win and retain better and discerning users of PVC compounds not only in Hyderabad, but in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and even in Bihar. We also cater to a number of select customers abroad.
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Company Name Anukampa Polymers & Technologies (P) Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Vipul Sancheti
Address Anukampa Polymers & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., B-21, Industrial Estate, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad - 500 018. India.
Contact Number +91 - 40 - 23701591, 23704136, 55504388, 09391660101
Fax +91 - 40 - 23702837
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