Technimac Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of Hi-Tech Automatic Winding and Bagmaking Machinery

•Leading manufacturer of hi-tech servo driven automatic winding and bagmaking machinery for flexible film conversion. These products are used in the food packaging, consumer goods and allied fields.
•Machinery has a high standard of workmanship and technology measured in international terms.
•Exporters of locally manufactured machinery to Europe and U.S.A.
•Designers and manufacturers of turn key plants for a number of different plastic conversion applications. Research and Development of new products and conversion processes.
•Suppliers of spares and accessories
•Service and maintenance
•Suppliers of soft and hardware applications.
•Suppliers of equipment to Plastics Convertors in R.S.A., Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, Nambia and mozambique.
Technimac has acquired the distribution rights for the "Gapa" bottom-seal bag making machinery. The Gapa has been incorporated into the Technimac range, and renamed the Günter-Gapa machine. Top

New SSM 1450 Side Seal Bagmaker with 1400mm effective sealing width
Machine is Servo Driven with Twin Servo Axes
One Servo axis for Main Drive and one for Sealing Bar Drive.
Working Width 250 – 1400mm
Bag Length 80 – 800mm
Film Thickness 2 x 12 micron – 2 x 150 micron
Maximum cycling speed 200 cycles / min
Unwind Roll dia 800mm
The machine's performance enables product diversity and small-scale series production to be achieved with utmost efficiency. The flexible side weld bag making machine with universal applications for all side-weld products made of PE or PP, for example textile bags, flap bags, adhesive bags, courier bags and so on. Servo Driven, SPS control with variable sealing time control and program memory for production parameters.

Bottom-welding machine BF

An unsurpassed mix of efficiency and range of application for the thinnest HD PE- up to thick LD PE – films - from small freezer bags up to covers of 3.5 meters long. User-friendly by fully automatic folding of finished products into handy packages of 25, 33, or 50%, of the original length.
The hanging stacking system prevents seals from sticking together, sealing bars that open to both sides and a cutting system with a flying knife gives optimal production security, even with extremely thin HD-PE or problematic EVA - films.
Current new developments:

*Modular machine construction with two separately controlled servo draws allows subsequent installation of accessories.
*Increasing output approximately 50 % by variable welding times, essential for heavy duty bags and shrink-covers.
*Increased maximum film thickness of blocked bags up to 4 x 0,040 mm.
*Bag lengths from 180 mm up to 3.500 mm.

Bottom-welding machine BSM

The cost saving alternative, equipped with clamping system for pinhole-free bags. Fast, versatile application, with user-friendly memory system for frequent product changes. An ideal machine for small and medium production runs or for printed, single and multiple track produced bags.

Available variations:
*Type BSM -2S / LH: with additional servo - axis and second sealing bar.
Special type for the production of automatically filled carrier bags with or without side gussets, e. g. for pet food, hygiene products, charcoal etc.

Available special machines:

*Type BSM - 2S / WS: special type for the production of square bottom bags.

Bottle Bag machine AB-SP-BB

An automatic welding machine based on the pallet cover machine type AB, proven over decades - completed with modular systems for the production of inliners shaped as oversized bottle neck bags (Bottle Bags) for all commercially available IBC's, e. g. Big Bag texture bags, octabin liners, cardboard drums, barrels etc. Now available with dramatically reduced set-up time and automatic waste extraction for U-type liners.
Important advantages of this packaging combination: Optimal product protection, dust free filling and discharge, small volume and weight when empty, therefore cost effective before filling and after disposal particularly after contamination by chemicals or problematic filling materials.

Pallet shrink cover machine AB-SP-WS

Another variation of the AB - machine for the production of so-called Y-pallet shrink covers with significant advantages over conventional covers.
Optimal stabilization of the palletised goods by strong shrink ability in horizontal direction and reduced shrink in vertical direction. By eliminating multiple layers, water and dirt is no longer entrapped. This features together with improved appearance and up to 15% material saving.

Reel-to-reel machine SMR - L

Universally applicable and therefore world-wide approved for converted sheets, bags with bottom seals or large volume covers with double seals and tear-off perforation, wound on paper- or plastic cores. Simple, time-saving handling of the finished packaging is the basis for the unique success of this type of machine. The fully automatic version is furnished with turret winder type ARW for single track production. The universal type however features the rewinder type ABWAII. This version can be used for both single track in widths up to 2400mm and double track with two rolls of up to 1120mm width.

Taylor-made production lines, configured from standard modules, are available to suit individual applications.

*Turn - key lines for car seat covers
Economical waste-free production from tubular film;
Standard designs available at short deliveries;
Punching devices for head rest - openings and V-shaped welding stations for individual seat covers, adapted to vehicle type.

*Textile-covers production line:
Special construction for garment bags with or without coat-hanger format sealing.

*Rewinder with direct drive for individually adjustable winding tensions.
Also available in this programme:
HSR the high speed model, specifically for thin films, available with fully automatic rewinders for coreless reels or rolls up to a width of 1650 mm and 400 mm diameter rewound on paper or plastic cores. Labelling devices for standard - labels up to 90 mm or printed up to 250 mm width, cutting according to the print repeat, controlled by photocell.

Side weld machine SSM
High efficiency, accurate stacking, the most suitable machinery and accessories for all side weld market requirements. Special machine designs for individual production applications are available on request.
*Available in widths from 950mm to 1400 mm.

Re-sealable bags:
PP- or PE- bags, double-track with trim cutting device and venturi nozzle for removal of waste strips, Hot - Melt adhesive application and cover strip – applicator.

Günter hole punching devices
Günter hole punching devices a leader in the world market through unsurpassed product quality, outputs and cost effectiveness.
Tough, indestructible support frames, reliable control systems, extremely long-life tooling. Up to 40 million holes are achieved without regrinding the punches attaining web speeds of up to 200 m/ minute in continuous operation and punching frequencies up to 40 punches per second.
Precisely punched holes, without burr and tear, in almost any material, PE, PP- polyester -, Polyamide- aluminium- and laminated film, paper or viscose foil and non woven. The more difficult the material, the quicker the quality advantages become apparent.

*Round holes from 0,7 to 150 mm, completely or partly punched out only as “half-moon” or "butterfly" holes, EURO-holes, rhombic or oval grip holes etc. for carrier bags and practically all relevant special forms.
Punching devices, accurately designed to customer's requirements, supporting frames, suction devices, external or integrated grinders, (a single tool only) 5 meter wide punching system for agricultural film – Turn-key-solutions, based on decades of experience.
Whether for Film converting, macro perforation, standard machinery or individual solutions, clients can rely on decades of experience in these fields. Top

The following companies are represented by Technimac in South Africa

Machinery and accessories for manufacture and printing of woven sheet and bags.
Saturn Air Rings- Bubble Stabilizing Systems.
Specialized Bagmaking Machinery.
Specialized Thermoforming and In -Line Extrusion / Thermoforming system
Off Set and Silk Screen Printers, Drying Ovens, Unscramblers, Hot Stamping Machinery and accessories.
Injection Moulding Machines
Specialized Pipe and Profile Applications.
Specializing in the sourcing and Turn Key supply of selected second hand Flexo Printers, Laminators and Slitter / Rewinder.

Screenchangers, granulators and accessories
Regenerating Systems
Film Extrusion systems incorporating Upward and Downward monolayer and multilayer blown film lines Foam Sheet Extrusion System Non-foam Sheet Extrusion Systems
KODY Equipments PVT.LTD.

Slitter / Re-winders
Products: Bottom-welding machine BF | Bottom-welding machine BSM | Bottle Bag machine AB-SP- BB |
Pallet shrink cover machine AB-SP-WS | Reel-to-reel machine SMR - L
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