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NK Industries provide various Moulded Machine which can be used in the following- Chemical substance Business, Cooling business, Toys, Environment, Agriculture, Photographic business, Horticulture, Automobile business, Water remedy business, Construction, Transportation as well as storage space, Telecommunication, Fishing business, seafood farming. NK Industries is among the top Rotomoulding machine producers, originated from India. All of us usually 100% devoted to accomplish quality within it's high quality items in order to supply the greatest satisfaction of fulfillment in order to it's famous customers.

We manufacture Bi-axial Moving Type, Pulverizer, Vibro Screen, Three Arm Fixed Turret Fixed Oven, Rock n Roll, Extruder, Scrap Grinder, Moulds

NK Industries is an expert industrial moulds production unit with in-built quality control unit. Our versatile solution helps industries to get the moulds upon their requirement. Our Best products can be counted as Horizontal Mould, Loft Tank Mould, Planter Mould, Slim Tank Mould, Traffic Cone Mould along with various size and colors.