JP Your Right Partner In Plastic Processing Machinery.
Founded in 1989 JP manufactures Plastic Processing Machineries & Equipments and is situated in one of the largest industrial estate of Asia at Ankleshwar in Gujarat State, India around 360 kilometers away from Mumbai having state of the art manufacturing facilities with total covered area of 2,79,000 sq. feet equipped with most modern machine tools. The company is well managed by group of professionals and is manufacturing extrusion machines and allied equipments for Plastic Processing and packaging industry. We offer wide range of machineries in every segment depending upon need of the end product.
State of the Art In-house manufacturing facility available with latest mother machinery like VMC & CNC Machines, 4.5 Meters Auto Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine, Plano Miller, Thread Milling 5000 mm, Horizontal Honing Machine 5000 mm, Universal Milling Machine, Dynamic balancing machine etc.
Vision : To offer latest techno economical machines.
Quality Policy :  
Our aim is to take care of customer's requirements and maximize customer satisfaction
This shall be achieved:
By supplying reliable quality plastic processing machinery and equipments in time.
By providing satisfactory customer services in time.
By effective co-ordination amongst departments and other functions for enhancing efficiency and capability of the organization.
By emphasize on sharing information, training and teamwork
By provision of adequate resources.
By continual improvement in all the areas of Products, Process, Technology and Service. Top

Manufacturing Range :

Tape Stretching Lines
For manufacturing PP/HDPE flat tapes, fibrillated tapes and serrated tapes to produce Woven sacks, Tarpaulins, FIBC's(Jumbo Bags), ropes, stitching threads, etc.

Cheese Winders
Magnetic Type, Electronic Type, and AC Inverter Driven Cheese Winders for HDPE/PP Woven Sacks.

Jumbo Cheese Winders
For winding of Monofilaments/Fibrillated tapes required for manufacturing ropes and FIBC - Jumbo bags.

Extrusion Coating Lines (Lamination Plant)
For coating thin layer of polyolefin's (Mainly LDPE/PP) on substrates like Paper, Cotton Cloth, Woven fabrics, Jute fabric, Aluminum foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc. up to 3150mm Web width applications.

Extrusion Coating Lines
Tandem Lamination Plant For coating Circular Woven fabric, for producing multi layer laminates up to 5 layers along with the various substrates like Paper, Aluminum foil, Polyester film etc.

Printing And Cutting / Rewinding Machines
Printing and Cutting / Rewinding Machines: Online Corona Treating, 4 to 6 colour Printing, Perforating, Gusseting & Cutting machine for HDPE/PP laminated and un-laminated woven fabrics.

Mono & Multilayer Sheet Lines
For manufacturing HIPS/ABS/PP/PET/PVC mono and multilayer sheets for various applications like thermoforming/vacuum forming, Office files, Luggage, Office furniture, Roofing, and other applications.

Recycling Lines
Recycling lines to reclaim plastic out of waste like oriented HDPE/PP Tapes, cuttings of woven fabric, industrial plastic wastes and general purpose wastes like LDPE/LLDPE/ HIPS/PP/HDPE/Polyester etc.

Rope Making Machine
For Making Ropes from HDPE/PP Monofilaments and fibrillated Tapes.

Thermoforming Machines
For manufacturing Disposable Articles from HIPS/PP Sheets.

Blown Film Lines (with or without Rotatory Die.)
For manufacturing HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE monolayer & multilayer Blown films.

Five Layer Lamination

Multilayer Cast Film Lines
To manufacture multi-ply packaging materials of 15 to 150 microns thickness, such as Stretch films, Cling films, Barrier films, Masking films, CPP films and Blister films. 

Belt Cutting Machine for FIBC
For cutting the jumbo bag [FIBC] belts as per required length.

Poly Propylene Tubular Quench Film Lines (PP TQ Film.)
To manufacture PP films for packaging purpose.

Sutli Plants
Sutli Plants: For manufacturing PP/HDPE Sutli used for general packaging purposes.

Pipe Lines
To manufacture HDPE/LDPE/PVC Pipes of diameter varying from 12mm to 200mm for various applications like Agriculture, Drainage and Construction industry etc.

Box Strapping Lines
For manufacturing PP/HDPE/PET box strappings for use in strapping machines and other packaging puposes.

Monofilament Lines
To manufacture HDPE/PP/NYLON Monofilaments for manufacturing ropes, brushes etc.

Mouth Punching & Cutting Machine For FIBC
For Mouth Punching and cutting of Jumbo bags. [FIBC]

Woven Sack Cutting & Stitching machine
For Cutting and stitching of HDPE/PP woven sack bags.

Zip Lock Bag Plants
To manufacture LDPE Zip lock bags for general packaging.

Liner Cutting & Sealing
For cutting and sealing of jumbo bag liners.

Woven sack cutting machine Top
For cutting of Laminated or Un-laminated woven fabrics.

J P offer complete project for manufacturing WOVEN SACKS required for packaging of CEMENT, PLASTIC GRANULES, CHEMICAL POWDER, FERTILISER, FOOD GRAINS, SUGAR etc. JP having complete range of machineries having various Models for Woven Sack Industries like : Tape Stretching lines with Inverter base Cheese Winders / Magnetic Type Cheese Winders, Wide width / Tandem Extrusion Coating Lines, 4,6 and 8 Shuttles High Speed Circular Weaving Looms, Cutting & Stitching Machines & 4/6 colours In-line Flexography Printing & Cutting/ Rewinding machines. Complete detail required for manufacturing woven sacks depending upon end applications as mentioned above can be sent on inquiry. Top

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Contact Person Mr.Mehul Nimbark

1701 - GIDC Indl. Estate, Ankleshwar - 393 002 Dist: Bharuch, Gujarat - INDIA

Contact Number + 91 - 2646 221134, 222163, 251094, 250194
Contact Number + 91 - 2646 250196
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