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Established in 1993, STEER is a globally acknowledged leader in the self-cleaning TWIN-SCREW Process Technology: catering to the plastics, pharmaceuticals, powder coating, food processing and bio-refining industries. STEER designs, manufactures and markets Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders and major replacement components including EPZ products (Screw Elements, Barrels, Liners and Shafts), Gear boxes and Peripherals. It serves the Plastic & Polymer industry in materials development through its own STEER Application Development Center (ADC) and Polymer Science and Diagnostic Center (PSDC). STEER ADCís in Japan, USA and India along with its PSDC is a one stop solution provide for compounding and testing. In the co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder segment, STEER has demonstrated game changing innovations that are paying high dividends not only to its customers but also in the area of energy efficiencies. STEER global offices located in India, USA, Japan and China. STEER has its agents at TURKEY, KOREA, THAILAND, SOUTH CHINA, MIDDLE EAST, BRAZIL, RUSSIA, POLAND, GERMANY, ITALY, AFRICA AND ARGENTINA.

STEER is well known for proven technology, precision manufacturing, metallurgy expertise, and perfect engineering, and relentless service, expertise in processing and know-how in compounding. STEER has its own foundry to manufacture specialty tool steels. This allows STEER complete traceability and control over the input material that goes into the components manufactured.