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Generation-next co-rotating twin-screw extruders

Modern high performance extruders are distinguished by their specialized features. Twin-screw extruders have evolved in design, performance and productivity over a span of several decades. The twin-screw extruders have made it possible to produce high quality, specialty plastic compounds used in the most common products as well as highly engineered products. These products ultimately provide humans with a higher quality of life and enable us to reach a higher level of technology.

STEER has made significant contributions to the progress of co-rotating twin-screw extruder design. STEER has introduced innovative technologies which has further advanced twin screw extruder performance. STEER has created a paradigm shift that has “Game Changing” consequences to the customer by giving the ability to treat the extruder as a mixing vessel.

STEER’s ‘Generation Next’ extruder brands OMEGA, MEGA & ALPHA embodies this corporate philosophy to advance twin-screw extruder performance to the highest degree.

In February 2012, STEER introduced its new line of ‘Compounding Pelletizing System’ that is dedicated to lean manufacturing. SPL 40 – Super Production Lines is a compounding pelletizing system comprising of a Co-rotating twin-screw extruder with a Feeder, Strand die head, Water trough, Air knife, Pelletizer and Classifier. Built with greater emphasis on ‘reliability and safety’ to cater to the dynamic needs of the industry which arise of unscheduled /unplanned requirements for small quantities, control over work-in-progress (WIP) - during grade change and power failures, the lean operation feature of the system also allows effective testing of new formulations with minimum wastages. SPL 40 Applications include Color & performance Masterbatches, Pre-colored compounds for auto & appliance parts, and Modified PP & HIPS.

STEER EPZ (Extruder Processing Zone) Products

The Extruder Processing Zone (EPZ) is the ‘heart’ of a co-rotating twin-screw extruder that helps to achieve the desired performance. STEER serves over 15% of the world market with EPZ parts, through its global network and customized services and now is the preferred choice of over 5500 operating extruders worldwide.

Scaling new heights, STEER EPZ is now a global choice for Extruder Processing Zone parts; Twin-Screw Elements, Shafts, Barrels and Liners. With a capacity to make over 50,000 screw elements annually, STEER has supplied over 230,000 TSE Elements of 9000+ different types in about 460 different sizes of TSEs to over 400 plants worldwide. Exemplifying engineering excellence, STEER has pioneered special elements like FKB, SFV, RFV and FME, all of which have gained much popularity in the industry.

Manufactured using special grades of tool-steel with high wear and corrosion resistance for the processing section, the alloy is developed at STEER’s state-of-the-art foundry. An advanced Computer Aided Design and CNC aided facility completes the manufacturing process of these next generation elements designed to achieve the desired performance.

Specials & Services

Acrolloy 10: STEER has its own state-of-the-art foundry to manufacture specialty tool steels. Acrolloy 10 is a product of Microgenic technology developed by STEER. Its unique properties suits applications in various areas including EPZ components, cutting tools, wear plates and dies.

Polymer Science and Diagnostic Center - STEER PSDC: Located in Bangalore, India, STEER’s Polymer Science & Diagnostic Centre offers the following services: Polymer Testing & Characterization service, Certification programs for OEMs, Plastics Compounding, Solutions & New Formulation Development, Material & Process Technology Development [Ref. PSDC.STEERWORLD.COM]

Application Development Center - STEER ADC: Located in India and USA, the STEER ADC provides technology solutions & support, compounding tests, contract manufacturing, compounding trials, library creations, and research & development.

Technical services group: STEER is committed to maintain and increase the quality of customer service and support and provides dedicated technical teams for annual extruder maintenance at client locations.

Software solutions for extrusion lines: Screw configuration software: OUTLINE is a powerful tool to visualize, design, compare and share extruder screw configurations. It’s easy to use features and extruder database make OUTLINE the most preferred screw configuration software. [Ref. WWW.STEERIT.NET]

Medical Engineering
Heart Valve Frames: STEER’s medical engineering has specialized in developing heart valve frames that are sued for treating valve damages due to rheumatic heart disease. Over 25,000 STEER made heart valve frames have been put into use by a leading healthcare organization.

Extruder Times: Extruder Times is a STEER publication which aims to share breakthroughs and happenings in the extruder industry with special emphasis on Twin/Single Screw extruders. [Ref. WWW.EXTRUDERTIMES.COM]