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Manufacturer of Masterbatches, Colour Additives, Filled, Filler Compounds, Performance Additives Avi Additives - Manufacturers of Masterbatches, Color Additives, Filled, Filler Compounds, Performance Additives
About Avi Additives - Manufacturer of Colour Additives, White Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches
Avi Additives Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of masterbatches such as colour additives, filled compounds and performance additives, with experience of 15 years in this domain. Avi possesses necessary infrastructure and equipment to produce suitable compounding solutions for plastics and polymer industry. The company’s 3 modern well located plants can produce 15000 tons per annum of masterbatches such as color additives, filler compounds and performance additives. Avi focuses its energies in leaving a green environment for the future generations. The latest addition to the companies product mix is bio plastics, recycled plastics and organic colorants.

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Colour Masterbatches

With a pallete of 10000 colours and more being added, we can provide with the complete spectrum of colour masterbatches for the entire industry.
White MasterbatchesWhite Masterbatches
We can provide white masterbatches for the following applications...
• Cast Film such as CPP
• Blown Film (Mono & Multi-Layer)
• Extrusion Films
• Sheet Extrusion
• Injection Moulding
• Blow Moulding
• Roto Moulding
Black MasterbatchesBlack Masterbatches
Black masterbacthes are made on the state of art twin screw machines (II Stage) to achieve optimum dispersion.
• Cast Film such as CPP
• Blown Film (Mono & Multi-Layer)
• Extrusion films
• Sheet Extrusion
• Injection Moulding
• Blow Moulding
• Roto Moulding
Organic Color MasterbatchesOrganic Color Masterbatches
Inorganic Color MasterbatchesInorganic Color Masterbatches
Glitter MasterbatchesGlitter Masterbatches
Pearlescent MasterbatchesPearlescent Masterbatches
Fluorescent MasterbacthesFluorescent Masterbacthes
Marble Effect MasterbatchesMarble Effect Masterbatches
Metallic MasterbatchesMetallic Masterbatches: • Metallic Silver • Metallic Gold • Metallic Red • Metallic Green • Metallic Blue
Transparent MasterbatchesTransparent Masterbatches
After glow MasterbatchesAfter glow Masterbatches
With a computer controlled photo spectometer, we can provide customers with an accurate controlled sample based on either Pantone shades or LAB values and consistent subsequent production.
White Masterbatches
Metallic Masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches

Filler masterbatches are made on using twin screw extruder. These are high torque machines capable of producing high shear and energy required to disperse the filler evenly in the polymer matrix.
The applications include:
• HDPE Pipes
• Garbage Bags
• Blow and Injection Moulding (General Purpose, Economy Grades, High Gloss Grades)
• Roto Moulding
• Fibre Extrusion
• Geo Membranes

Performance Additives

• Flame Retardants
• Antiblocks
• Slip Additives
• Antimicrobial
• Clarifiers
• Nucleating Agent
• Anti Oxidant Additive
• Twist Wrap
• Shining Masterbatch
• Heat Stabilizer
• Biodegradable
• Silicon Compound
• Optical Brightner
• Blowing Agent
• Foaming Agent
• UV Stabilizer
• PPA (Polymer process aid)
• Pet Modifier
• Polymer Alloys

Filler Compounds

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