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Dydac is one of the leading manufacturer and trader of Electronic and Electrical Instruments and Equipments. We have attained success in both process after market and original equipment market. Our diverse range of products are Hot Runner System, Hot Runner Temperature Controller, PID Temperature / Process Controllers, Thyristor(SCR) Power Controllers, Solid State Relays, Hot Runner Heaters, Melt Pressure Transducers, Heavy Duty Connectors, AC Frequency Drives, Timers, Counters, Proximity and Photo Sensors, Temperature Sensors etc. We have a team of expert professionals who keep check on the latest and changing Technologies in the market. We have a team of Electronic Equipment Designing Engineers and other professionals who have complete expertise in this field. To ensure the best quality of our products we import materials from U.S.A, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
Our Strengths:
• State-of-the art infrastructure equipped with latest and sophisticated machinery
• High level of industry expertise
• Pool of dedicated and qualified professional
• Prompt and effective after sales support
• Extensive research and development
• All products in conformation with the international standards
• Wide market distribution network
• Quick order processing and on time delivery
Why Us?
• Products as per client's specifications
• Capacious warehouse
• Efficient logistics
• Stringent quality control system
• Cost effective prices
• Highly proficient team members
• Reputed client base
• Timely deliveries

Hot Runner Temperature Controller
• Microprocessor based Auto Tuning Temperature Controlling
• Gradual Phase Angle Firing Soft Start
• Power Control System
• Built in diagnostics
• Self regulates Power Controllers
• Accuracy of +/- C 10C
• PID accepts J, K Thermocouples
• Phase Angle Power Controllers are used which saves heater life and power as these are Variable Automatic Power Controllers
• Build in Soft Start In Power Controllers
• Fast Fuses for Over Current Protection
• Power Controllers can handle more than 5000 watts in single zone at 220 Vac
• Alarm for under and over temperature
• In case of thermocouple failure, we can set percentage of power to the heaters
Hot Runner Temperature Controller
  Hot Runner Injection System
Hot Runner Injection System
• Perfect balancing of the runners
• Restrained dimensions to avoid energy losses as well as excessive encumbrance inside moulds
• Ideal drop layout to guarantee the vest filling possible
• Optimal connection among the runners
• Injection and cooling times
• Clamping force needed for component injection
PID Temperature / Process Controllers
Available in different sizes with universal input and various industry standard outputs. The controller is microprocessor / microcontroller based with different alarm facility with 16 different alarm modes.
Key features:
• Sizes 48 * 48 mm, 48 * 96 mm, 72 * 72 mm, 96 *96 mm
• Various Thermocouple inputs selectable and RTD, Voltage and current input models
• Dual control output with single stage ramp and soak functions
• Two Alarm Points with 16 Alarm Modes
• Auto/ Manual Tuning Switch able
• Sensor Break Display Indication
• Function of Smart Temperature Transducer
PID Temperature / Process Controllers
Low Cost PID Controllers
• Advanced PID + Fuzzy Logic
• Universal In put
• Modular Design
• Universal Modular Output
• Auto Tuning
• Highly Accurate & Reliable
• Programmable / Profile Controller
• All Size, Free Power Supply
Low Cost PID Controllers
Thyristor (SCR) Power Controller
Available in all solid state design in both control circuitries, in power controllers. Models are available for single or three-phase operation, either phased-angle fired or zero switched.
Dydac provides variety of models of power controllers to suit to different applications. These Power Controllers provides variable AC power control to resistive as well as inductive loads.
• Extends heaters life-eliminates Thermal Shock
• Soft Start eliminates the inrush of load
• Voltage Limit and Current limit possible
• Available from 25 Amps to 350 Amps Single or Three Phase
• Saves Energy at set point
• Load current ranges from 15-70 Amps
• Internally mounted snubbed circuit protection for huge current (dv/dt) application
• Zero crossing turn-on, Zero crossing turn-off
• Photo-isolation. 400V Rms isolation
• With LED display to detect the operating or devices
• Ambient Temperature: 10-55 deg C
Thyristor (SCR) Power Controller
Solid State Relay
Load between 16-250 Amps Single or Three Phase and their output voltage ranges between 0-97. Also have internal mounted snubbed circuit protection.
• Load current ranges from 16-250 Amps
• Internally mounted snubbed circuit protection for huge current (dv/dt) application
• Zero crossing turn-on, Zero crossing turn-off
• Photo-isolation. 400V Rms isolation
• With LED display to detect the operating or devices
• Ambient Temperature: 10-55 deg C
• Available in DC to AC, AC to AC, DC to DC
• Heat Sinks also available on request
• Dydac Series DPC25 and DPC50 power controllers provide variable AC power control to resistive as well as inductive loads
• Extends heaters life, Eliminates thermal shock
Solid State Relay

Coil & Cartridge Heaters (High and Medium Watt Density)
Coil & Cartridge heater is widely used in:
• Dies
• Molds
• Platens
• Revolving rolls
• Plastic injection
• Extrusion barrel
Our mega watt coil heaters available in different shapes and sizes as per the client's specifications and additional clamping band or reflection tube are also available.
Cartridge & Coil Heaters
Infrared (IR) Heaters
• PET perform heating in stretch in Stretch Blow Molding Machines
• Paint Baking
• Rubber Coated Drying
• Soldering Fusing In PCB Industries
• Sterilizing / Mirror Coating Drying In Glass Industries
• Printing Ink Drying in Offset Machines
• Powder Coating Curing
• Impregnation Plants
• Paper Coating Drying
• All Type Of Laminations
• Preheating prior to embossing
• Screen-Printing Curing on T- shirt And Textiles
Infrared (IR) Heaters

AC Frequency Drive
Typical Application:
CNG Machine Tools, Textile, Printing, & dyeing, Chemical Fibers, Paper making, Wire Drawing, Manipulator, Solid Warehouse, Oxygen Making Machine, Air compressor, Ceramic Machine, Industrial Washing Machine etc.

AC Frequency Drive

Melt Pressure Systems
The CT Style Melt Pressure Transducer, is the classic Melt Pressure/Transducer design. The CT style Melt Pressure Transducer comprises a 6" rigid stem, along with 18" of flexible capillary, for optimal thermal isolation.
Melt Pressure Systems
Temperature Sensors
Our diverse range of temperature sensors include:Baynet thermocouple
• Melt bold thermocouple
• MI thermocouple
• Noble metal thermocouple
• PT 100 sensors and many more.
Our temperature sensors are customized on the following parameters:
• Application
• Temperature Range
• Sheath Material
• Sheath Diameter & Length
• With Cable / with Head
• End Connection details
Temperature Sensors
  Thermocouple Connectors
Thermocouple Connectors
We offer a wide range of thermocouple connectors for:
• Thermocouple
• Hot runner systems
• CNC machines
• Plastic / Packaging machines
  Heavy Duty Connectors
Heavy Duty Connectors
• Available in 5 Pin, 6 Pin, 8 Pin, 16 Pin, 24 Pin, 32 Pin, 48 Pin
• Open Bottom - Top Feeding or Side Feeding
• Closed Bottom- Top Feeding or Side Feeding

Compensating Cables
These cables offer resistance to moisture, heat, abrasion and chemical erosion. These are available in fiberglass, PVC, asbestos & Teflon insulations with or without SS braiding and in single and multi cores. We offer different sizes of these cables as latest technology is used in manufacturing them. The compensating cables are available at market's leading price and are manufactured as per the requirement of the clients.

Compensating Cables
Thyristor / Temperature Control Panel
Designed for effective temperature control of resistive heating loads, these panels are built in accordance with the national electric code and also have digital temperature and SCR power controls. The panel provides a complete control, specifically accurate and safe control of temperature. The user-friendly design of the panel allows user to easily adjust controlling parameters as desired. The temperature is displayed on a bright LED display.
Thyristor Control Panel:

Thyristor control panels offered by us are designed with accuracy & ensure effective performance.
• Epoxy painted steel enclosure
• Door interlocked isolator
• Panel front with PID controller
• Panel front has on / off switch & indicators
• Built-in fans for cooling
Temperature Control Panel
Conductivity/TDS Indicator
• Precision Online Indication of Conductivity
• Automation Temperature Compensation @ 2 % / Cusing PT – 100
• Front Panel 5 Range Selection from 19.99us To 199.9ms
• Cell factor selectable, 1.0 or 0.1 with front panel calibration facility
• Front Panel ‘Touch Type' Membrane Switch to select range, Cell Factor & T.D.S
• Bright RED LED Display
Conductivity/TDS Indicator
Products: Hot Runner Temperature Controller | Hot Runner Injection System | PID Temperature/Process Controllers | Low Cost PID Controllers
Thyristor (SCR) Power Controller | Solid State Relay | Coil & Cartridge Heaters | Infrared (IR) Heaters | AC Frequency Drive
Melt Pressure Systems | Temperature Sensors | Thermocouple Connectors | Heavy Duty Connectors | Compensating Cables
Thyristor / Temperature Control Panel | Conductivity/TDS Indicator
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