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Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd., India
Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd. is a Coperion group company in India, engaged in the business of bulk material handling (pneumatic conveying) for plastics, polymer extrusion, compounding machines, polymers blending, etc.
In addition to the material handling business Coperion Ideal provides sales & service support for the compounding extruders in India.
With works and head office at Noida (UP) & branch office at Mumbai, Coperion Ideal is fully ready to support you with certified engineers incase of any service requirement.
  Group Profile
The Coperion Group is the global market and technology leader for compounding systems, bulk materials plants and components. Consolidation of Coperion Keya, Coperion Waeschle and Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer to form a group generates unique specific application competency in complete plants, subplants, machines, components and services for the plastics, chemical and foodstuffs industries.
Coperion aims to be a full-service partner providing customers with comprehensive support on a global basis. Reliability, partnership and confidence are the group's prime values, coupled with leadership in technology and efficiency. Broad process engineering know-how accompanied by a wealth of experience in machine and plant building guarantee Coperion customers: secure investment in single and overall solutions together with reliable support in line with individual requirements.
Coperion perceives itself as a partner of corporations operating world-wide as well as of medium size and small companies with a global presence. Using in-house technical facilities Coperion is able to test real applications prior to the purchasing decision being made, and is thus in an optimum position to select the right machines and plant in collaboration with the customer. Coperion Group offers series of extruders to meet hundreds of requirements like:
Compounding of polyolefins
Engineering plastics
Temperature and shear sensitive plastics
PVC and cable insulating, FRLS, XLPE Cable compounds
Powder coating plants, non polymer, food, pharma, etc.
ZSK series (ZSK Mc / Mc Plus / Mv) twin-screw co-rotating extruders: Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH & Co. KG ZSK machines are twin screw compounders and are built in
ZSK MEGAcompounder
ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS
Twin-screw compounder high torque design
ZSK MEGAvolume
Twin-screw compounder large volume design
Two-stage compounder

STS series
The standard twin screw series, the cost effective machines of high-grade components for rapid return on investment.
STS series is the new entrant in Coperion product range. These machines handle a wide range of applications from compounding of engineering plastics to producing masterbatches to processing PVC products in a two-stage system.
These STS machines are manufactured at Coperion Keya Nanjing China who is the third subsidiary of Coperion Group. In case of STS machines, gearbox, mechanical clutch will come from Europe and the controls will be push button relay based.

CTE/ CKY Series
Coperion Keya is market and technology leader of twin-screw extruders China. They have sold more than 2,300 sets of different specifications at home and abroad. Coperion Ideal is also ready to offer Coperion Keya machines (STS as per details given above) and CTE / HTE series totally manufactured by Coperion Keya China.
CKY / HKY series two-stage extruding and palletizing systems are designed mainly for the modification and compounding of thermo- and shear-sensitive materials. The two-stage set-up and the modular principle of the CKY / HKY process section allow for most process applications such as PVC and XLPE cable compounds, soft PVC medical compounds, rigid PVC, EVA foam sole compounds, Flame retardant low smoke (FRLS), Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds and PE halogen-free low smoke flame retardant materials, etc
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Company Name Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person Mr. Preet Bhagwanani
Address 505, Matharu Arcade, Mr. Garware House, Subhash Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 INDIA
Contact Number +91 - (0)22 2684 4442 / 32511312
Fax +91 - (0)22 2682 1902
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