Deesha Impex, a reliable manufacturer and exporter of india offers engineering precision and quality in performance, and a professional commitment towards buyers anywhere in the world by standing by its products and assuring optimum integrity in the following—
Plastic Testing Equipment
Injection Moulding Machines
Plastic Extrusion Machinery
The Company assures expert inspection of every export consignment so that clients are satisfied that the machinery and equipment meet all the criteria specified by them. Moreover, modification and fulfilling custom requirements are only a few of Deesha's features that cost a fortune in other countries. Each machine in every category and every configuration is manufactured to fulfill the technical criteria in customer specifications.
Clients of Deesha from as far as Egypt, Malaysia and Southwest Europe have attested to Deesha's quality in Plastic Extrusion and Blow Moulding Machinery, Injection Moulding Machinery and Testing Equipment.
Timely delivery forms the crux of Deesha's customer relations. Packaging and export formalities are handled by our experienced logistic department in the Exports Division.
Mr. Khagen Mehta , CEO of Deesha Impex, makes sure that his clients' nightmares about mediocre machineries remain only a memory. He believes that the dreams of a satisfied clientele must become his own— so that they come alive to reality.
Having expanded his reach over frontiers, Khagen Mehta 's fifteen years' experience in exporting machineries of technical precision and excellence has made the world smaller, forging strong links and building confidence anew in the minds of sceptics.
By turning challenges into mutual advantage, Deesha continues to provide premium state-of-the-art machineries to enable manufacturers of Plastic Products to meet production schedules with the very highest quality in product performance.


Blown Film Plant
The Blown film plant is process ability of LD/LLDPE/HM/HDPE on same plant, with change of Die. Specially modular designed screw. Helical gears for better result.
Synchronization of extruder speed & nip roller.
Accurate gauge control.
High out-put.
Control Panel with advance technology.
Helical gears for better result.
We also provide Max. Width & High Output machine.
APPLICATION :- Shopping Bags, Carrier Bags, Confectionery, Bread, Biscuits wrapping etc
Box-Strapping Plant
Quality Features For Outstanding Performance:
Max. speed for each line : 160m/min.
Band width : 6, 9, 12, 15.5 and 19 mm.
Gears are hardened and precision ground for quiet running performance.
Fully automatic screen changer or manual screen changer is available.
Two-step heating in quenching tank provides preheating function, ensuring high stretching ratio and stability.
Stretching unit is all-gear driven.
Extremely convenient change for various widths of PP & PET band.
The winding unit is driven by a DC torque motor.
Two-step motor starting. Motor stops automatically in the event of overload.
All stainless steel stretching rollers and take off rollers for rust-free performance.
Compounding Line
The hot die-face cutter under Water as well as Air cooling system for Compounding & Masterbatch &  regranule the plastic material such as LD - HD - HM - ABS etc...
OPERATION:- As the polymer extrudes from the die-plate, a rotating knife cuts the hot material and throws the pellets toward water cooling chamber. After passing cooling chamber it pass through centrifugal dryer. In centrifugal dryer, the high speed rotation of dryer removes surface water by impact against perforated screens while the residual pellets heat further aids in drying & pellets are discharged into a conveying system or container.
Die-face cutter Under Air Cooling
The die-face cutter under Air cooling system offer an advantages to regranule the plastic material such as LD - HM - LLDPE - PVC - LUBRA - Compounds - Masterbatches.
OPERATION :- As the polymer extrudes from the die plate, a rotating knife cuts the hot material and throws the pellets towards the 1st air cyclone for cooling purpose & towards 2nd air cyclone. And finally pellets are discharged into a conveying system or container.
Extruder with Strand Pelletizer
The Strand Pelletizer Extruder consisting of :-
Base made of electrowelded steel sheet & channel.
Gear box unit with casehardened and hardened gear pair with ground profile.
Extruder cylinder and screw is nitriding steel with high skin hardness.
Main electric panel with thermoregulation zone & electric drives controls.
Pully transmission by means of V-type belts.
For more Prodcution/output we also provide L/D upto 40:1.
Screw dia from 25mm to 200mm
Material : LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, POLYESTER, PET, PVC and many more.
Pipe & Profile Plant
Whether you're looking for a Single/ Twin extruder or a complete extrusion system, Pipe, Profile and Tubing group is the place to look. Extruders, screws, control systems and extrusion lines are designed to produce tight tolerance products with minimal downtime, and without sacrificing maximum production rates. The group's product line includes single screw, conical twin screw and parallel twin screw extrusion systems.
Process capabilities to produce pipe, profile and tubing shapes from all thermoplastic materials. Machine design, screw design and process knowledge to process RPVC, HDPE, PC, HIPS, ABS, FPVC as well as high temperature engineering resins.
Sheet Line
Monolayer and co-extrusion systems up to seven layers. Versatile and reliable downstream equipment. Complete sheet systems with extruders 25-150mm. Custom engineered roll stand designs include adjustable, vertical, 45° angled and horizontal models. Extensive experience in co-extrusion, monolayer and biaxially oriented lines.
Wire and Cable Systems
Complete wire and cable extrusion systems for communication, construction/building, telephone, and automotive wire, high temperature wire, plug, optical fiber and specialty wire. Capabilities include communication cable systems, automotive cable systems, power cable systems, construction cable systems, fiber optic systems and coaxial cable systems. All wire and cable extrusion systems are available with Clipper take-ups, payoffs and spoolers, customized feed-screws.Top

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