Dielectric BOPP Films, Co-ex Specialty Cast Films, Blister Films

Xpro India Limited
Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films



6 mic to 50 mic



64 to 1540 mm



One or both sides



Glossy, clear, or hazy

Special grades


Heat sealable, metallisable



Pearlised or white

BIAX BOPP films are extremely versatile and meet virtually every packing need such as:
  • Adhesive tape

  • Bakery Products

  • Biscuits

  • Cigarette Overwraps

  • Confectionery

  • Metallizing

  • Potato chips

  • Print lamination

  • Processed foods

  • Salted snacks

  • Supermarket products

  • and many more...

Speciality Coextruded Cast Films



13 micron to 250 micron



upto 1750 mm



Embossed or plain; surface treatment as required



As per customer specification

The specialty cast coextruded films offered include:

Stretch Wrap Film - Cast coextruded LLDPE based film designed for use in pallet stretch wrap and food bundle overwraps.

Soft Blister Film - Specially formulated coextruded film for medical disposals packaging.

Release Film - Embossed or plain films based on polyethylene tailor-made for use in rubber, tyre & tread and conveyor belting industry.

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Film - Unoriented polypropylene film for application in packaging & lamination and stationery products. Available in natural (high transparent) or white and various grades including Heat Sealable, Retortable, Metallisable, Cold Twist Wrap, Embossed and High Stiffness.

Hygiene film - Specially formulated cast coextruded film based on polyethylene for use as diaper backing film, in sanitary napkins and in surgical drapes.

Coex Sheets

XPRO offers a wide range of mono-layer and coextruded plastic sheets, produced on highly sophisticated equipment, based on various thermoplastic resins (such as PS, PP, ABS, PE, etc.), specially designed to meet specific customer needs.

Coextruded Plastic Sheets



0.20 mm to 7.00 mm



upto 1500 mm



embossed, glossy or matt



as per customer specification

Applications of XPRO sheets are limited only by imagination and standard products include sheets for :

  • Refrigerator door and cabinet liners
  • Luggage (Shell)
  • Automotive (Flooring, Trims, Panels)
  • Disposable cups and Containers Stationary (files and folders)
  • Industrial thermoforming applications, such as furniture, packaging & bathroom cabinets.

Dielectric Films

BIAX DIELECTRIC FILMS are specially designed polypropylene films manufactured by the tenter process on highly specialised equipment in controlled environmental & ultra clean room conditions for a wide range of applications in the capacitors industry.

Biax Dielectric films range includes plain smooth films modified for good metallization and winding hazy/ rough films and metallized (Al, Zn or alloy) films.

Application areas include:

  • Power Transmission & Distribution Capacitors
  • Motor Run Capacitors
  • Power Film/Electronic Capacitors
  • Magnetic Lighting Ballast Capacitors
  • Microwave Oven Capacitors
  • Low Voltage industrial Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • AC and Pulse Film Capacitors
  • Interference Suppression Capacitors
  • Energy Storage applications
  • Capacitors for hybrid cars

Thermoformed Components / Refrigerator Liners

XPRO COEX have several fully automatic specialized lines for continuous vacuum forming for thickwall applications at the Greater Noida and Ranjangaon units.

Primary application is for Refrigerator inner and door liners.
Thermoforming capabilities extend to include Automotive interior and exterior trims (e.g. dash boards, door panels, floor panels, etc.); Furniture; Luggage Shells; Sanitary Products (e.g. Bath-tubs, Cabinets); Electrical/electronic housings (Tubelight panels, street lamps and other light fittings); Industrial trays for material handling etc.
  • 5 in-line automatic sheet-fed, four-station vacuum formers
  • Each line equipped with individual hydraulic trimming press
  • Maximum Mould size: 2100 x 1500 mm
  • Maximum depth of draw: 600 mm
  • Materials handled: ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate, PET, PETG, PP, etc.
Thermoformed Components