Drying, Feeding, Conveying, Dosing & Mixing Equipment Plastics Machinery

Manufacturer Drying and Dehumidifying, Feeding and Conveying
Products Types  
Drying and Dehumidifying Standard Hopper Dryers-SHD
Standard Drying Loaders-SDL
Standard Hopper Dryers-SHD-U
Drying Loaders-SDL-U
Cabinet Dryers-CD
Honeycomb Dehumidifiers-SD-H
All-in-One Compact Dryers-SCD
Dehumidifying Dryers-SDD
Compressed Air Dryers-SCAD
Mold Sweat Dehumidifiers SMD-H
Compressed Air Dryers-SCAD
Cold Mould Sweat Dehumidifiers-SMD-R
Modular Drying and Dehumidifying
CNC-Auxiliary Equipment
PET Crystallizers-SCR
Drying and Dehumidifying
Feeding and Conveying Standard Self-contained Hopper Loaders-SAL
Standard Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders-SAL-G
Self-contained hopper loaders-SAL-U
Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders-SAL-UG
Multi-station Hopper Loaders-SAL-UG122-UG124
Flexible Screw Feeders-SSC
Venturi Loader-VL
Bridge-breaking hopper-SBH
Rotary Valve-SRV
Single wire conveying system-SWCS
Central Control Station-SCCS
Central Vacuum Generators-SCVG
Material Distribution Station-SMDS
feeding conveying
Dosing and Mixing Volumetric Dosers-SCM
Gravimetric Doser
Gravimetric-Blenders SGB
Storage Mixers SSM-U
Vertical Batch Mixers SVM-U
Proportional Valves SPV-U
Metal Detecting Separators-SMS
Blenders, gravimetric feeders
Heating and Cooling Oil Heaters STM
Standard Heaters STM-E
Water Heaters STM W
High Pressure Water-Heate STM-HPW
Large Flow Water Heaters STM-WF
Dual purpose Water Oil Heaters-STM-W-O
Large Flow Heater-STM-F
Water Chillers SIC-A-R2
Air-cooled Central Water Chillers-SICC-A
Water Chillers SIC-W-R2.
Water-cooled Central Water Chillers-SICC-W
Colding-Heating Temperature Controllers STC-W
Air-cooling Chamber SACC
Industrial Air Chiller SIACA-R2
Water Flow Regulators-SFR
Pipe Heaters Band Heaters Thermocouples
Granulating and Recycling Screenless Granulators-SG-14-24N-24T
Low speed Granulators SG 16N-16D-20N
Standard Central Granulators-SG-23E-30E-36E
Sound-proof Central Granulators-SG-23-30-36
Sound-proof Central Granulators-SG-43
Sound-proof Central Granulators-SG-50
Sound-proof Granulators-SG-70
Standard Central Granulators-SG-70E
SGS Series Shredders
Roll-feed Granulators-SGF-26
Belt Conveyors
Automation Solutions Swing-arm Robot-SS
Single Axis Servo Driven Robot-ST1
Three Axes Servo Driven Robot-ST3
Five Axes Servo Driven Robot-ST5.
Side Entry Robot SSE
Swing arm robot SS-S
Vertical Molding Machine Swing-arm Robot SVS
Standard single axis servo driven robot
Two axes servo driven
Standard three axes servo driven robot
Side entry in mold labeling robots system
Mold labeling robots system
Vertical Transporter-SVT
Inclined Belt Conveyor-SCI
Declined Belt Conveyor-SC
SCT series twin belt conveyor
Blowing Machine in Mold Labeling SBI
Robot for thin-wall
Mold labeling robots system
Hot Runner System Temperature Controller 20 Timing Controller hot-runner-system
Components and Parts Flat mold clip
Foot shock
Central Control Station
Central Safety Filters
Central Vaccum Generators
Material distribution Station
slink Protocol Solution
CNC Auxiliary Equipment Oil-Cooler-SOC
Scrap iron conveyor CBF