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Ecoplast was incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd., Company in 1981 with a plant capacity of 600 MT per year of Multilayer plastic films, produced by the blown-coextrusion process. In 1994 it became a Public Limited Company with its shares quoted on the Bombay, Ahmedabad and Baroda Stock exchanges. The Company's plant capacity in 2001 has grown to 6300 MT per year at an average compound growth rate of 14% per year.
Ecoplast has played a vital role in the development of the flexible packaging industry in India, contributed to the growth and profitability of its customers and to the success in the market place of a wide range of consumer products.
To add value to our customers products by developing and delivering a technically superior plastic multilayer film for flexible packaging or other speciality applications.

The growth and improvement in earnings will be propelled by the value we continually build into our product, based on our technical expertise in processing, product knowledge, research, technical service and good management practices. We will adopt an attitude with customers which builds confidence and encourages them to look to us for improvement in their packaging or product protection.Top

Ecoplast Ltd. , is a reputed and prime supplier in India of Multilayer co-extruded plastic films for flexible packaging and other  speciality  applications.

Multilayer  films  are a combination of two or more thermoplastics (polyethylenes) co-extruded to form one homogenous film with distinct individual layers. Multilayer films provide a range of properties, which cannot be obtained from monolayer films. This film forms a very important and integral part (or seal layer) of a laminate, made with polyester film, biaxially oriented Polypropylene
film or aluminium foil; a process, which is carried out by
Ecoplast's customers.

In general the company's films are used with or without lamination in a wide range of product groups such as: beverages; edible oil; dairy products; snack foods; processed foods; cosmetics; toiletries; pharmaceuticals; bakery products; and food commodities like salt, wheat flour, rice, sugar etc. Industrial applications include: adhesive films for bonding materials; release films; films for manufacture of jelly-filled telephone cables.

The technology in making a multilayer film lies, in developing recipe or film structure by the selection and processing of various polymers depending primarily upon:
The compatibility of the film with the product packed;
The desired shelf-life;
The packaging system and it's level of sophistication;
The seal configuration of the pack;
The required mechanical properties of the film;
The budgeted cost of the pack.

Ecoplast is considered a leader in developing multilayer film structures in India, with several "firsts" to it's credit. The Company, with an eye on the future, maintains it's leadership by innovation in film structures through it's technical service capability and modern "state-of-the-art" production facilities. The company's multilayer films satisfy a vital segment of the flexible packaging industry. Ecoplast has played a vital role in the development of the flexible packaging industry in India, contributed to the growth and profitability of it's customers and to the success in the market of a wide range of consumer products.Top

The Company operates with five three-layer blown film lines. The line installed in 1995 has computerised process controls and a state-of-the art winder from N. America.

The Company is self sufficient in captive power.
It has a six colour printing line for films and other     post-extrusion       equipment.
The factory and office area are approx. 3000 square
The employee strength is approximately seventy.

Exports of films are at approx. 9% of production in 2001, and growing. The gross sales in the year ended March 31, 2000 was USD 6.3 million (Rs. 277.00 million).

Ecoplast films are used in the following brands/products.
Nestle India Ltd.
Hindustan Lever Ltd.
Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd.
Lipton India Ltd.
Cadbury India Ltd.
Procter and Gamble India Ltd.
International Best Foods (India) Ltd.
Tetra Pak Converting (India) Ltd.
Sterlite Industries India Ltd / India Foils Ltd. Top

It is the Policy of our Company, to deliver only those films, which meet or exceed our customers' requirements. Ecoplast Ltd. , is committed to building cost-performance benefits in the film, based on a full understanding of the ultimate performance requirements of our customers products. Q uality at Ecoplast Ltd. , goes beyond that of making a film, it involves all areas of business (starting with material procurement, order processing to final shipment), which directly or indirectly results in customer satisfaction. The top management of our Company, ensures that the Company's policy is communicated down the line, so that quality becomes everyone's concern. There is an on-going effort by all employees to identify deficiencies in work procedures and a management commitment to help and train them towards excellence in their work. Our top management commits itself to develop professional competence in "Todays" and "Tomorrows" Managers, and in creating an environment where professional management is understood, accepted and practised. This commitment, to Quality and Professional Excellence is necessary to ensure the Company's survival and growth, in a competitive environment.


1982 EPL is incorporated as a Private Limited Company with a share capital of Rs.1 million. Commercial production of multilayer blown films starts in Sept.1982.

- EPL becomes major supplier of films to Co-operative and Government
   diaries for milk packaging, on automatic, vertical F.F.S. lines.
1983 First Company in India to provide multilayer blown films for lamination;
provides significant advantage in machinability and bond strength in the laminate.
- Nestle India's "MAGGI" brands use EPL film integral with the laminate
  supplied  by our customer The Paper Products Ltd.
1984 Proctor and Gamble India Ltd., approves EPL film for vertical F.F.S. packaging of "VICKS Vapodrops".
1985 Cadbury India Ltd. use EPL's film integral with paper laminate for "BOURNVITA", on a CEKATAINER Swedish packaging system
1987 EPL installs a second 3-layer line from Germany. Capacity increased from 600 MT to 1200 MT per year.
EPL becomes first approved supplier of lamitube films, to Essel Packaging Ltd.
1988 Film for an 8 ml. Shampoo sachet packed on 5 Track HASSIA Packaging line, was developed for Hindustan Lever. Total quantity in Excess of 6000 MT has been supplied since.
1994 EPL subscribes for one million equity shares of Rs.10/- each at a Premium of Rs.30/- Per share, from the capital market. Shares oversubscribed 6 times.
1995 EPL expands by installing a 2300 Mt/yr multilayer blown film line from North America, with advanced technological features.
1996 EPL becomes one of the largest suppliers of film to package food Commodities, on state-of-art packaging lines from BOSCH & ROVEMA, Germany.
1997 EPL becomes the largest supplier of films integral with laminate, to the high quality segment of the market, covering Corporates and MNCs in food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, detergent, personal products and pharmaceuticals; supplies exceed 3000 MT to this sector.
1998 EPL develops improved film structures for:
- lamination to 200 micron Alu. foil, for jelly filled telephone cable    manufacture
- Snack foods
- Edible oils
becomes major player in first two categories.
1999 Work with Tetra Pak Converting India and production facility at Ramont Switzerland begins for evaluation of film for board/foil/film laminate.
2000 EPL exports 200MT of films for lamination to U.A.E. and Muscat and competes for equivalent quality standards, from European suppliers. Becomes a supplier to Tetra Pak Converting India to match film quality earlier imported from Tetra Pak in-house facility in Switzerland.


Contact Person Ecoplast Ltd.
Mr. P.P.Kharas (Managing Director) / Mr. Jaymin B. Desai (Executive Director)
                Mukesh  Shah (GM - Marketing)
Address Plot No.1 To 4, Gate No. 986 Sanaswadi, Taluka Shirpur, Pune 411208 Maharashtra, India
Contact Number 06752-252404
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