Manufacturer and Building Extrusion Blow Molding Machines, 3D-Blow Molding Machines, Shuttle Blow Molding Machine

Manufacturer and Building Extrusion Blow Molding Machines, 3D-Blow Molding Machines, Shuttle Blow Molding Machine
Kautex Maschinenbau provides its customers with globally leading solutions in terms of quality, technology and service. For more than 50 years, the experts at Kautex Maschinenbau have been designing and building extrusion blow molding machines for satisfied customers worldwide. With its own sales and service organizations in all major industrial regions, Kautex Maschinenbau is always near to its customers.
Today, Kautex Maschinenbau is an internationally known brand recognized for quality and reliability. With its many years of experience and its long tradition of innovation, Kautex Maschinenbau has significantly advanced the technology of extrusion blow molding. A large number of global patents attest to the innovative drive of Kautex Maschinenbau.

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Characterized by precise structural tuning of extruder, die head, clamp and blow molding. This combines finely controlled movements with great strength and durability and is combined with modern and control technology standards for repeatability, product quality, availability and cost. The basis of the program are the series KLS, KEB and KCC blow molding machines for packaging products and technical parts of a few milliliters to 30 liters and the industrial blow KBS for items up to 5 meters in length and 10,000 liters. In addition, the coming 3-D blow molding machines of the series K3D for spatially curved pipes and special machines CCP. For the production of 20-liter water bottles all machines are modular and can be adapted to respective requirements at any time through the exchange of modules modified procedural matters: for co-extrusion blow molding, exposed strip method, in - mold labeling and much more. Also develops designs and builds Kautex blow molding system solutions as a complete production centers and production lines with all the peripheral devices. They allow you to automate the production as far as possible to increase the productivity and the quality is still better to secure, so that significant contributions are made to reduce costs. Your sales representative is


Kautex is consistent with the engineering ranks, KLS, KCC and KEB as a partner by your side. Order to meet individual production requirements in the areas of application Industrial and Consumer Packaging to meet, Kautex has developed machinery for more than 25 different machines solutions for you. Specific types of machines even offer a reliable solution for products of up to 30 liters. Customizing and reducing the "cost per bottle" stand for us in the first place. The variety of machines and their extensive option packages, we also demanding Product design your requirements at any time Shuttle Blow Molding Machine


Industrial blow molding KBS for technical hollow body and vessels up to 10,000 liters
Kautex Maschinenbau has decades of experience in building industrial blow. With various series Kautex Maschinenbau offers for any claim for the production of simple and complex containers up to 10,000 liters capacity and technical parts such as plastic fuel tanks. Are the clamping units of the KBS blow molding based on a common basic structure and installed in a completely enclosed, rigid diagonal frame.
The direct-acting hydraulic cylinder transfers the clamping force of the center of the mold carriers. The movement of both platens is precisely synchronized. The large open spaces around the mold area and below the clamping plates are an integral part of the machine concept and allow for easy installation of additional equipment that is used specifically for the production of technical parts and complex large-scale packaging.
The machines in the KBS series can be configured as single-and double station machines. Depending on the application, accumulator or continuous extrusion heads, the latter for co extrusion of up to 6 layers used.
In continuous operation, the parison tube feeder into the shape or a shuttling clamping unit receives the tubing head. Thanks to its modular design, most of the machines by individual adjustment of the clamping platen dimensions, closing speeds, clamping forces and the opening path can largely be targeted at the needs of the customer's needs. Also in terms of additional equipment and management options, Kautex Maschinenbau almost every customer. So for almost all client projects are delivered, the optimum blow molding
Industrial Blow Molding Machines


3d-Blow Molding Machines for spatially Curved Pipes
3D-blow molding machines for spatially curved pipes
In the production of curved, three-dimensionally oriented parts, such as filling and intake pipes for cars or pipes used in household appliances in conventional extrusion blow molding are on bruises in the shape of separating seam areas inevitable and lead to high Butzenanteilen and circulating Quetschnähten. In an extreme case, the Butzenanteil a multiple of the items weight. The very long seams also require extremely high closing forces. can here by using the 3D-blow molding machines Kautex Maschinenbau that allow butzenfreie (or minimum flash) production, significant savings in material, energy, cycle time, and last but not least investment can be achieved.
In this 3D blow molding will avoid the Schweißnahtzu and to reduce the use of material, a deformed in its diameter to the article cross-section adapted preform with special devices and manipulated and then introduced directly into the blow mold. Thus, the remaining pinch point is reduced to a minimum at the ends of articles. As one of the pioneers of 3D Kautex blow molding has many years experience in this field. Depending on the geometry and complexity of the manufactured Kautex Maschinenbau offers different solutions for the mass production of three-dimensionally curved pipes in high-temperature range. Benefits of 3D technology, improved product quality by eliminating the seams, resulting in:
• Uniform wall thickness distribution
• No strength loss as material accumulation and / or notches can be avoided
• Use of materials, which allow an excess bruising generally not
• Processing of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics, here are a weak spot welds
• Less regrind, which reduces the risk of degradation and damage to sensitive polymer fibers

Reduction of Butzengewichts, resulting in:
• Lower investment costs by using smaller extruders, low closing forces, eliminating costly Entbutzung, using smaller granulators, material mixers and conveyors as well as cooling water units
• Reduced operating costs because less material is plasticized and cooled. Thus, the use of smaller engines with power ratings and the installation of low heating capacities
3D-Blow Molding Machines for Filling and Intake Pipes


Extrusion blow molding machines for PC water bottles
Water cooler for cold or hot water can be found worldwide in many offices, shops, doctors' offices and in some cases already in the home. The large water bottles, usually with 5 gallons or 20 liters are manufactured materials as needed in different designs, with or without a handle, and from different. The to-severe for some time in use glass bottles are more and more of lighter plastic bottles made of polycarbonate (PC) or PET and rarely replaced polypropylene. In the early 70s created Kautex, together with commodity producers the procedural requirements, and finally developed extrusion blow molding machines for manufacturing of water bottles made of polycarbonate. PC offers advantages. While PET bottles are manufactured in a stretch, can be produced by extrusion blow molding PC bottles. And although the price of polycarbonate material is significantly higher than that of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is the production of PC bottles is the most economical and flexible alternative dart.

With a comparatively low investment and output rates of up to 140 bottles per hour and cavity can be produced in the extrusion blow molding cost high quality PC water bottles. Another advantage of the PC bottles is that they do not shrink due to the high temperature resistance of polycarbonate in the wash. Since polycarbonate is also much more scratch-resistant than PET, the bottles are used in less severely damaged, so that 50-60 Flaschenumläufe possible, while a PET bottle discarded after about 10-15 rounds to be. The extrusion blow molding process offers the decisive advantage that in terms of the geometry of bottles are virtually limitless. There are both different forms and handles easily implemented. With more than 30 years experience in the field of extrusion blow molding of polycarbonate water bottles, Kautex Maschinenbau is now able to offer a sophisticated machine technology for high quality and sophisticated water bottles.
Extrusion Blow Molding Machines for PC Water Bottle


Industrial packaging Containers

Consumer Packaging - Beauty, Detergent, Chemistry, Food, Pharmaceutical
Kautex Maschinenbau shows what is in the blow molding process to produce and which markets can be supplied. New customers will be accompanied by ideas for production. Short development times give customers quick market entry. This saves time and money and means that customers realize faster market opportunities and make money. Whether technical parts, industrial packaging, consumer packaging, PC water bottles, canisters, fuel containers, drinking fountains, barrels, folding boxes, pipes, sporting goods and toys: the ideas knows no boundaries. Kautex also is now in the global automotive industry as a technology and market leader in the construction of 3D-blow molding machines.
Partner to the automotive industry
Kautex Maschinenbau is now in the global automotive industry as a technology and market leader in the construction of 3D-blow molding machines. The basis for this success and further innovations in the 3D-blow molding is the close collaboration with customers, for a variety of 3D products in the laboratory of Kautex Maschinenbau is developed to series maturity. Together with the large blow molding for plastic fuel tanks and other industrial parts, Kautex Maschinenbau in the field of plastic hollow body is an internationally recognized partner of the automotive industry. In many projects include providing advice and support from the initial idea to implementation an integral part of the power spectrum of Kautex. It was recognized early by Kautex, that the automotive sector has great potential for blow molding applications include.
• Technical Parts Automotive
Non Fuel

Recreation / Sports

• Industrial packaging

<1,200 liters
60-220 liters
1 - 30 (60) liters

• Consumer Packaging
Beauty product packaging aesthetic quality are in the cosmetics sector and thus also for us
Detergent Sophisticated product design in consistent high quality with high production volumes, no problem for us.
Chemistry with our multi-layer principle can also be aggressive agents can be safely transported and stored.
you have durability and the highest standards in product quality. We call each time the same from our products.
clean-room conditions are prerequisites for pharmaceutical products. We are happy to present our solution.

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