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Flexible Packaging Materials - Prropyl Packs Flexible Packaging Materials - Prropyl Packs Flexible Packaging Materials - Prropyl Packs

Prropyl Packs Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing flexible packaging materials and currently has manufacturing units located in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. The company manufactures flexible packaging material for the food processing industry and currently has a clientele of over 120 customers in various states. Prropyl Packs is currently manufacturing 700 tons of packing materials per annum for a wide variety of applications. The customer base has been expanding ever since inception and is an affirmation of the excellent levels of product quality, customer service and competitiveness of the products manufactured by the company. Prropyl Packs has a centralized marketing and designing office at Kochi and caters in-house to the specific and unique requirements of various clients. The general administration office which is located at Thrissur monitors the functioning of the manufacturing hubs. All the company activities are system driven and are managed by professionals with clear accountabilities and classification of responsibilities. The development of systems is done in house by the company's software department.

Vision :
To become a respected global player in the packaging industry that provides one stop packaging solutions to customers by adapting the latest technology, value creation through research and exemplary customer service.

Mission :
We are currently the leading plastics packaging manufacturing company in Kerala. We aim to quadruple capacities, increase exports to 30% of our revenues and establish a global presence over the next five years. We will go public in 2010 and subsequently become a listed Indian company that provides attractive returns to its share holders. Our company is committed :

  • To provide the highest quality products possible through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art products and manufacturing process.
  • To pursue an aggressive, outgoing research and development program thus ensuring its future as a leader in the plastic packaging industry
  • To provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained representatives and customer service personnel. Our employees are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry