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Freeze Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are experienced campaigners in the field of Industrial Process Cooling Solutions with 21 years of invaluable experience. The company is a complete solution provider for process cooling problems, with its reputed brand Freeze Tech and manufactures refrigerated Chillers, panel coolers, Forced air heat exchangers, and other special purpose industrial refrigeration equipment.Top
We offer a wide range of products that are unique and designed to handle any cooling problem. Our product range includes: -
Panel Coolers
Special Purpose Industrial Refrigeration Equipments can also be designed and manufactured based on the process requirement and clients specification.
Freeze Tech Process Chillers are designed to meet a variety of requirements spread over a wide range of industries where cooling is critical and poor delivery of process liquids can be disastrous.
No Two Industries Have The Same Requirment and virtually every critical duty process application is an opportunity to showcase our engineering excellence, innovation adaptability of our product.
Modular Designs available in air-cooled and water- cooled options and a wide range of capacities allows you to choose a unit which suits your immediate requirement and add on units based on your increased capacity requirements at a later date.
Compact Systems allow you the flexibility of installing the units indoor our outdoor, with the option of in-built tanks or remote tanks sumps. They can be deployed as primary circulation cooling systems or secondary circulation cooling systems, depending on the process requirement, the fluid to be cooled, filtration systems the temperature requirement, etc.

Nothing We do is Standard - Except The Quality of Our Product

Continuous Product Development in a new generation of FREEZE TECH modular systems. Space saving, compact designs are available in air-cooled water-cooled units with options of Immersed coil, CBHE, Tube/Tube Shell and Tube evaporators.
Compressor Selection is based on the precise load conditions and duty matching and covers a wide range of hermetic, semi-hermetic scroll models; selected to minimize the power requirement.
Constructed On sturdy square pipe frames with easy access through removable lockable epoxy painted sheet metal panels, an isolated Wiring Box with ferruled and number coded wiring, low noise fans, built-in matching pumps to suit a wide range of fluids ranging across water, glycol, brine, coolants, cutting oils, hydraulic oils even food products and certain acids.
Microprocessor Control systems, which control and monitor the performance of the entire unit and provide diagnostic indications fault alarms can be programmed to suit the individual process operation and simplify the operators job to the single touch of a button.

Panel Coolers
Electronic Control Systems installed in CNC machines and other special purpose machines generate heat during operation. Apart from heat, moisture-laden air and dust, also adversely affects electronic controls.
Freeze Tech Panel Coolers maintain a clean environment required in Electronic Control Panel Cabinets using a closed loop design. This ensures locking out of excessive heat caused by high ambient temperatures, moisture and dust.
The clean air, within the Control Panel cabinet, is continuously cooled by the refrigeration system and re-circulated and the required operating temperature can be maintained within the cabinet; thus maintaining a cool, clean, moisture free, environment at all times.
The organization boasts of a sound infrastructure and uses latest technology and sophisticated machinery. This results in production of high quality equipment. At Freeze Tech Equipments Private Limited,  we aim to offer 'Complete Solutions' ensuring that our years of experience work towards total customer satisfaction.Top
There is a comprehensive quality control system that vigilantly monitors all components at every stage of production. Rigorous testing standards and a thorough final inspection supplement ensures that only 100% certified units are delivered to our clients.Top
Our Mission
Freeze Tech Equipments Private Limited aims at bridging the gap between low supply of top quality process cooling equipment and reasonable pricing, by offering quality products and supplementing them with reliable service. The company wishes to create long-term business relations with prospective buyers and serve them to its full potential.
An Unparalleled Commitment To Service Ultimately our reputation depends on our operational success. By employing only the highest quality component selection, assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians and supported by advanced microprocessor control and prompt service backup there is no better choice than the Freeze Tech Chiller.Top
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Company Name Freeze Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Derek D'cruz
Address 141, Developed Plot, Industrial Estate, Perungudi, Chennai - 600096
Contact Number +91-44-42152387, 42152487, 42154779
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