Manufacturers of Metal and HM HDPE Barrels

Bombay Chemical Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 1942, is one of the largest manufacturers of public health natural pyrethrum products & pest control products in India. We are also the manufacturers of Metal and HM HDPE barrels, Tortoise Brand Mosquito Coils and other household products.
Our Barrel Division caters to reputed clients for domestic and export markets with requirement for Metal and HMHDPE barrels. We manufacture various types of Metal barrels such as epoxy coated, Food Grade, poly lined, Galvanized, open mouth, closed mouth with one, two or three bungs. We also provide ISI marked or UN approved barrels. Our HM-HDPE barrels are also available in different capacities, weights and colours. Our imported blow moulding machine and PE from Chevron Phillips ensure excellent quality, finish & strength to the barrels.

Narrow Mouth HDPE Barrels

A wide array of Narrow Mouth HDPE Drums and Barrels for easy and safe handling and storage and transportation of liquid items
Narrow Mouth HDPE Drums
Mainly used to pack chemicals and fertilizers. We use high grade raw material to manufacture durable and tamper proof range of products. Features include
Non reactive
Abrasion resistant
Cost effective
Narrow Mouth HDPE Barrels

Regular Plain Drums

Fabricated from premium quality raw material to ensure sturdiness and resistance against oil and chemicals. These drums are used for different industrial purposes
Steel Drums
These are the most commonly used steel drums in the industry and include fixed end or tight head drums with 2" and 3/4" openings that are used to fill lube oil and chemicals
Regular Plain Drums - Steel Drums

Epoxy Coated Barrels

Internally Epoxy Coated
The epoxy lacquer coating lining is done with help of automatic liners and cured at 250 degrees using electrical ovens. These are available in open end & fixed end as well in many grades like food, insecticide and chemical
Ends Type:
Fixed ends (Tight head) with 2 openings (BIS Standards)
Open end (Open head or Open top) with nut-bolt or lever-type locking rings that are either MS or Galvanized Iron (GI) (BIS Standards) or painted
Coating Type:
Synthetic Enamel Paint
Golden Epoxy phenolic Lacquers with varying concentrations and ratios of epoxy versus phenol resins for acid versus alkaline action protection from product to be filled in the drum
Pigmented Epoxy phenolic Lacquers- Grey, Buff. Brick-red etc
Food Grade Lacquers. v. Drums with Various Volume Capacities While a steel drum is considered a standard sized product, small variations in the height of the drum enable us to cater to our customers varying volume capacity requirements.
Internally Epoxy Coated

Open Top Drums

Combine safety cost effectiveness and operational easy to bring the best advantages to users. They consist of blow moulded seamless drum, heavy duty matching lid, snap fit clamping ring and pilfer evident lock.
Mild Steel Drums
Made of high quality mild steel to maintain durability, with the storage capacity of 110 and 210 ltrs, resistant to heat, abrasion and durability
Open Top Drums, Mild Steel Drums

Composite Barrels

Have two shells of protection, used for special material / liquid to be filled in, used for different industrial purposes
Steel Composite Barrels
The inner is a blow moulded plastic container made from high-density polyethylene, with a strong outer shell of steel providing unrivalled protection. The plastic lining is perfect for liquids that are incompatible with steel
Composite Barrels

Leak Proof Industrial Drum

These ISO Type drums (With Reverse or W-Beading) Suitable for Expo are made of raw material which makes them inert to chemicals and leak proof
Tight Head Industrial Drums
Made as per the international standards organization corrugation and beading profile which allows 80 drums to fit into a standard 20 foot container used for export. Widely used by companies that exports their products to other countries in shipping containers.
Leak Proof Industrial Drum

Galvanised Barrels

These are available in various sizes to meet the specific requirements of our clients, and are used for different industrial purposes
Industrial Galvanised Barrels
Electroplated with zinc from inside and outside. Thickness of the coating can vary from 10 to 40 microns as per the clients' requirement. Fully leak-proof, our galvanized barrels are used for storing the hazardous and aromatic material
Galvanised Barrels

Stainless Steel Barrels

Stainless steel drums offer an ideal solution for situations requiring purity & compatibility of materials
Stainless Steel Barrels

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