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About Us

Starting the service in Nov. 2009, Shini Plastics Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., is Shini's first production base outside China, which is responsible for manufacture and marketing of plastics auxiliary equipment including hoppers, dryers, loaders, dehumidifiers in India. Currently Shini India is mainly oriented to domestic market. Shini India is a joint venture between Shini Group and Omkar Sales Pvt. Limited. Shini India inherits the philosophy and heritage of Shini group's long lasting commitment and dedicates to achieve the vision that "Wherever Shini has a factory; Shini is the number one and the best". Thanks to supports from Shini Group and teamwork efforts of Shini India, Shini India is now capable of fulfilling volume production concerning series of Dehumidifying and Drying, Feeding and Conveying, Heating and cooling, Mixing and Dosing. It is also able to provide high quality products and superior service for our Indian customers through sophisticated service network and technologies. Be blessed with constant grows of Indian market, Shini India never cease its steps to expand manufacture. It is anticipated that the scale of Shini India will be accordance with other branches of Shini Group.