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Kosha Cubidor Containers Private Limited set up with German collaboration, started a novel concept in liquid packaging by introducing for the first time in India, collapsible containers under the brand name Cubipack.
Cubipack consists of a moulded plastic container inside a corrugated box. The inner container when empty, can be folded to save space. The seamless plastic container with patented pouring spout, is made from stress-crack-resistant materials to safely hold liquid products ranging from chemicals to food products. The square shape and convenient handle provide ease in handling, unitizing, stacking and saves storage space not available in cylindrical and other containers. Cubipack accepts attractive graphics and can carry as much sales message as desired. If volume warrants, special colours can be used to match your design requirements. A frequent and stringent test program ensures highest quality to meet the demands of handling and varying climatic conditions in domestic and export markets. Cubipack is processed under high temperature and is thus completely sterilised unlike other containers. The outer carton case is extremely durable to pressure. Cubipack does not break or leak even if dropped and provides the strength required for maximum protection against the rigors of transportation.
CUBIPACK offers many options
Anti temper proof innerseals.
For added strength corrugated cartons can be provided with inner liners.
Wax coated cartons for environmental protection.
Provided with threaded plastic taps if required.
Tailored specifications possible for bulk orders. Top

The company is into manufacturing of Flexible containers under the brand name of Cubipack. Cubipack is a flexible container protected by a sturdy corrugated box.
Cubipack containers are available fully assembled, ready to fill and seal. The already
set up containers come unitized. Containers can have a plastic carrying handle attached to closures if required. For Bulk use, Cubipack containers can be collapsed and transported separately and thereby help save on freight and space costs. By purchasing Cubipack in a knocked down mode and assembling and filling it in your own plant you can obtain corrugated cartons that are scored but not cut, over the pouring spout thus obtaining a valuable tamper evident feature. Top

The company is well equipped with the most modern machinery for manufacturing facility. The company has always put forth quality as it's one point programme. A frequent and stringent test program ensures highest quality to meet the demands of both handling and varying climatic conditions in domestic and export requirements. Top

Cubipack can be easily recycled and reused if required as the components can be easily separated. Cubipack is the ideal packaging choice for various packing and marketing activities such as:
Detergent, Electrolyte, Distilled water, Photo developer, Phosphoric acid, Anticorrosive paints, Cement rapid congealer, Water paint, Sizing agent, Paint, Shampoo, Boiler compound, Tannic acid, Hydrogen peroxide, Powdered chemicals, Fire re-tardent agent, Antioxygen agent, Deodarising agent, Glycerine, Photgraphic chemicals, Vinegar, Wine, Condensed Juice/pulp, Food additives, Milk, Sorbitol solution, Perfume, Salad dressing, Cola, Rum, Mineral Water, Brandy, Vitamins, etc. Top
Contact Person Kosha Cubidor Containers Private Limited .
Mr. Bipin M. Shah / Mr. C.S. Mani
Address Arvind Building, Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Number 91-22-4946680 / 4946681
Fax 91-22-4933807
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