Shiv Shakti Chemoplast - Manufacturer and Distributor of

Laminated and Non-Laminated PP Woven Fabric and Bags

Shiv Shakti Chemoplast Manufacturer & Distributor of Laminated and Non-Laminated PP Woven Fabric & Bags
Shiv Shakti Chemoplast is located at the industrial belt of Birgunj, Nepal. Company produces both laminated and Non-laminated PP Woven fabric. Our company is part of Shiv Shakti group, a leading business concern in Nepal, having diversified interest in field of Edible Oils, Polymers, Textile, Ferrous & Non- Ferrous Metal, Soap & infrastructure. Our determination is provide superior product quality, our attractive prices and timely delivery schedule has helped us to maintain cordial & long term relationship with our valued customers not only in Nepal but also abroad. Our Commercial production started in the year 2003 and in short time we gained the market share and were preferred supplier as well. We launched with laminated fabric in year 2006 with good approach to quality product and satisfying customer needs. Since our company is fully based on export though we are giving value to our Nepalese leading cement industries, textile industries, argument industries, paper industries, sugar industries and pulse industries.

Company is equipped with two modernized tape lines and 120 looms with production capacity of about 400 MT/ month. We can offer open width fabric up to 96" i.e. 244 cms and circular / tubular fabric of 48" i.e. 122 cms. Our lower circular width is 12" i.e. 30 cms. Our grammage starts from minimum 2 gm to 4 gm maximum varying with weaving mesh. Bag manufacturing unit is other division with the production capacity of 0.4 million bags/month, 250-300 skilled & Unskilled manpower operates the equipped machine to process about 4800 MT/ Annum. We are specialized in 400 DNR fabrics. Factory has total area of 200000 sq. Ft covering 80000 sq ft of constructed building.
Machines installed in factory

Tapelines Extruded machine

• Lohia Lorex 1400 (Capacity 250 MT/ Month)
• Kolsite Extrusion Technic Pvt. Ltd. (Capacity-200 Mt/ Month)

Loom Machines

• Lohia Looms- Lohia Starlinger Ltd.
• Cirwind Looms:- Cirwind Machine Mfg.

Lamination JP 80 CR 1600- J. P Industries

Our lamination plant has capacity of 180/ Mt per month. We are specialized in low coating. We also manufacture tarpaulins in common color i.e. blue and also in check design.  

Testing Equipments

• Tensile impact machine
• Various precious reading micrometer etc.
With latest technology of testing machines, we always check the product quality and weight standards.


PP Woven Fabrics

• Gramage: - 2 GSM 4 GSM
• Yarn Denier: - 450,550,650,950
• Type: Laminated \ Non-Laminated
• Roll Weight: - 100-110 kg

Bags & Tarpaulins

Shiv Shakti Chemoplast Pvt Ltd is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of laminated and non-laminated PP woven fabric and bags. Our prestigious Clients are from various sectors, including
• Cement Industries
• Pulse Industries
• Textile industries
• Paper industries
• Garment industries
• Sugar industries
Our products are mainly exported to different parts of India. Export market occupies about 90% and Nepalese market occupies 10% of total production.
Some of our prestigious clients are
• Dabur Nepal               • Krishna Cement
• Everest Paper   • AArti Cement 
• Ambey Cement   • Narayani Cement
• Bhrikuti Paper     • Mamkaur Sugar
• Everest Sugar    
• Indu Shanker sugar    
Products: PP Woven Fabrics | Bags & Tarpaulins
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