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Shree Rama Multi-Tech Limited (SRMTL) is a rising Indian Company in the world of packaging industry with diversified portfolio such as Tube Laminates- ABL & PBL, Variety of Flexible Laminates, Multilayer Tubes, Monolayer Seamless Tubes, Self-Adhesive Labels, Paper / HIPS Cups, Tarpaulin. SRMTL has grown into an international scale organization offering state-of-the-art packaging solutions to a large customer base. We have invested in the most modern plastic process technologies and have one of the largest integrated facilities for laminated and plastic tubes in the world. Our activities manifest our concern for careful attention to the minutest requirements of our valued customers. We strongly believe that we must live up to the expectations of our customers and provide them with superior quality and advanced packaging products, comparable with international standards.

Monolayer Tubes

• Flexible plastic tubes in a range of sizes dia. 19 mm, from 30 mm to 50 mm dia. and volume up to 300 ml
• Orifice 2 mm to 8 mm ( 3 mm Standard )
• Tube wall thickness with 400 - 500 micron
• Transparent / Opaque tubes with or without mat finish in different colors
• Special orifice and color shoulders, caps can be manufactured as per requirement
• 6 colors printing
• UV varnish facility
Monolayer Tubes

Multilayer Tubes

Ideal for all dentifrices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other products that demand best packaging.
• Multilayer tubes with Aluminum foil / EVOH / nylon / polyester act as barrier against oxygen, moisture, aroma loss and provide a glossy surface enhancing printing quality
• Optional barriers can be applied to the shoulder for the same purpose
• Transparent stretch polypropylene and PET tubes with dispenser caps are designed to meet specific industry
• Seamless five layers or plastic with EVOH/nylon as barrier material are useful for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry
• Hot foil stamping on laminate in addition to 9 color printing with varnish coat enhance product image
• Length of the tube can vary from 80 to 200 mm
• Diameters available are : 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32 and 35 mm
• Shoulders can be in different shapes
• Different caps such as conical, flip-top, standby and the like can be custom designed for an aesthetic look
Multilayer Tubes

Multi Cups - HIPS Plastic

Offered in variety of paper and plastic containers for hot or cold beverages, dairy and other products. Cups are most ideal for use by vending machine operator’s fast food restaurants: pre-packed consumer products such as ice cream, eatables, etc.
• Plastic cups from Thermoforming or Injection Moulding
• Paper based cups with Poly coating on one or both sides
• LLDPE Polymer coating – provides barrier to water vapor and ensures very good sealing
• Sidewall rings increase strength and provide a firm grip
• Varying designs of paper/plastic base lids make cup attractive and easy-to-handle liquids
• High-quality multi-color flexo, off-set or pad printing
Multi Cups - HIPS Plastic

Multistic Labels

Ideal for breweries, chemicals, cosmetics, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and almost every other industrial product.
• 9 color printing with a varnish coat
• Ultraviolet ink printing for high gloss and vibrant color
• Hot foil-stamping facility
• On line lamination facility
• Profile die cutting for various intricate shapes and sizes
• Roll to roll printing for auto label applicator machines
• On-line roll to sheet cut facility
• Highest color registration accuracy
• Finest quality pictures due to high resolution
• On-line video viewing system to ensure highest quality
Multistic Labels


Widely used to cover trucks, ground, crops, construction equipment, machinery, trailers and every item needing shelter from sun, rain and other elements of nature.
• In-house production facility for color master batches and aluminum grommets to ensure consistent high-quality components
• Tarpaulin can be made in various colors, size and quality like heavy medium and light

Multilayer Films

Ideal for packaging products like edible oils, processed foods, fish, tea, coffee, spices, motor oil and grease, water and numerous other solid and liquid items.
• High barrier properties provide longer shelf life and retain product quality
• Gives flexibility, superb ability for sealing and good printability
• Multi-film packaging provides option like transparency, opacity, etc.
• Makes the pack lightweight, economically convenient and versatile
• Also makes the packaging, transportation and storage most convenient
Multilayer Films

Plastic Laminates Applications

Confidence in Plastic Laminates
Improve shelf life of the product, maintain aroma, impart better look to the pack as well as make it economical.
• SRMTL is developing specialized foil based structure to replace conventional 3/4 ply structures for better barrier properties and shelf life by use of specific polymers. These are high performance laminates
• SRMTL has developed specific pharma laminates with high performance characteristics
• SRMTL has developed low cost ABL / PBL laminates
• SRMTL has developed specialized laminate for oil packing
Plastic Laminates Applications

Injection Moulded Articles

Ice-Cream, Frozen food and Dairy Product Packaging, Sweet Packaging, Gift Packaging, General house hold purpose
Improve shelf life of the product, maintain aroma, impart better look to the pack as well as make it economical.
• Varying designs of caps and lids make containers more catchy and impressive
• Numerous different shapes, sizes and styles of containers to befit the products
• Containers for Ice-Cream application is made from the special Polypropylene materials which give very good Impact Strength properties during the drop test and excellent Dimensional stability even up to – 300C in Cold Storage
• 100% hygienic, made out from food grade plastic material
• Leak proof, dimensionally stable and easy to carry
• Odorless and non toxic
• 100% recyclable material
Injection Moulded Articles
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