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About Kraiburg TPE
Kraiburg TPE is a leading manufacturer of THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER raw materials. KRAIBURG TPE, with its headquarter in Germany, Waldkraiburg, has manufacturing plants in three distinct locations, GERMANY, USA and MALAYSIA to serve our customers globally. KRAIBURG TPE is spread far and wide with its offices and business partners in various counties & continents of the world.

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THERMOLAST® our TPE base on Styrene Block Copolymer has unique features meeting different market segment requirements, such as Consumer, Automotive, Industrial and Medical.
• Shore hardness range from 5ShA to +6OShD
• Service temperature range -40°C to +120°C (at a special grade even higher)
• Good Ozone, UV, weather resistance
• Good adhesion to ABS, PC, Nylon, PETG, POM
• FDA/BFR, EN 71 Compliances, UL 94 listed
• ROHS compliance, WRC Approval
• Provide good soft grip, sealing

New Medical Series - Thermolast® M

Medical Mask with soft touch
• Shore hardness range from 30ShA
• Translucent and high transparent
• Autoclavable (l34 C) CET and gamma sterilizable
• DMF-listed, USP Class VI, USP 6.6.1
• Fulfill IS0 10993-5/10/11
• Better resealing properties, good compression set...

New HPEX Series

PA Mediabox
• Shore hardness range of 6OShA to 80ShA
• Resistance to high temperature up to 170°C
• Resistance to engine oils, motor fuels or fats
• Excellent adhesion to POM and PA.
• Can be produced on plastics machinery, 100% recycle
• Shorter cycle time than rubber compound
• Use in sealing or gasket in automotive industry

• Gearshift, Seals for forced venting, Seatbelt tensioners, Seals, switches, thumbwheels, Water deflectors for windscreens,Seals for direction indicators, headlamps, door sills
• Soft grip for beer crates etc.
• Design features and functional elements for packaging (e.g. body care)
• Food storage seals
• Handles and functional elements for toothbrushes
• Handles and functional elements for shavers
• Handles and bristle pads for hair brushes
• Closures for pharmaceutical containers
• Teething ring
• Packaging for kids shower gel
• Swing (soft seat)
• Dolls
• Tyres for toys
• Handles for hiking sticks and ski poles, handlebars and more
• Ski and snowboard binding plates
• Flippers and diving goggles
• Sports glasses
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Kraiburg TPE Pvt. Ltd.
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