PET botles, containers stretch blow moulding machines

Technopet Machineries, established in July 1999, is a leading manufacturing of PET container blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machines of capacity 300 to 3600 bottle per hours per machine. Technopet Machineries provides technological support by designing PET Bottle, technical services and supply of quality moulds & auxiliary equipments and transfers the bottle blowing technology and process engineering for establishing the new business in packaging line.

To develop and supply the PET Stretch blowing machine, with technical specification of high speed branded machine, to medium scale entrepreneur at optimum and workable price. Play the deciding role while establishing the 3-5 cub meter capacity co-filler for Package Drinking Water business in view to satisfy the on line filling requirement of big brand at lower capital investment requirement of filler. Technopet Machine should be at every 200 km in India.

Design Policy
Low skill man intervention machine design with advance automation technique for delivering consistent quality and planned quantity production. To maintain the ratio of "BPH-Bottle Per Hour" to "COP-Cost of project" in Rs. lacs of automatic machine, as a reference for all high speed advance machine models. To develop robust, maintenance free machine calls for minimum service engineer need.