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Manufacturer of White Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, Additive Masterbatches

Prayag Polytech Pvt Ltd -An ISO 9001-2000 Company, manufacturing masterbatches compatible with Polyolefins like PE, PP, EVA and Engineering Plastics like PET, HIPS, ABS, PC, PS, PBT, Nylon etc
Prayag has dedicated Manufacturing lines each for Black, White, Colours, Additives and Engineering Plastics.
Top of the line Microprocessor Controlled Hermann Berstorff Germany / Steer India Twin Screw Extruders
High precision loss in weight feeder from Brabender Technology KG Germany, with 0.001 kg/hr accuracy in feeding.
Plants Area: 15,000 Sq mts
•  Manned by over 200 seasoned Professionals
•  Export: 40% of total sales; Government Recognized Star Export House
•  Exporting to over 25 countries across 5 continents
•  3 Year Sales CAGR: 50-55%
•  Current Capacity: 18,000 tpa
•  The company is taking due care to maintain its high growth momentum by
       – Adopting new Technologies
       – Introducing innovative masterbatches through its R&D
       – Achieving reduction in material costs through better sourcing
       – Re-engineering in Business & Manufacturing Processes
Quality at Prayag is the first and foremost consideration. Prayag’s Quality Assurance System is certified according to ISO 9001-2000.
Testing, R&D Facilities
•  Film Plants
•  Minolta Spectrophotometer
•  Injection moulding
•  Pilot Fiber Spinning plant
•  Filter pressure Value (FPV) for process smoothness
•  UV Testing Machine
•  Impact and Tensile Strength Testing Machine
•  Two roll Mills / Compression molding
•  Ash content, Carbon content
•  MFI / Specific Gravity / Bulk density
•  Color Cabinet for Visual color check
•  Opacity-meter
• Pracol - White Masterbatches
• Pracol - Black Masterbatches
• Pracol - Color Masterbatches
• Pracol - Color Fiber and Non Woven Fabric Masterbatches
• Pradit - Additive Masterbatches like UV, Antioxidant, Processing Aid, Antistatic etc.
• Special effect Masterbatches like Pearls, Fluorescents, Night Glow, and Fire Retardants etc.
• Pracon-Mono Concentrate Pigments
• Custom carrier engineering plastic Masterbatches e.g. for PET, PBT, GPPS, ABS, HIPS, SAN, NYLON6, NYLON66, PC
• Roto Moulding / Blow Moulding / Injection Moulding
• Sheet Extrusions/ Pipe Extrusions
• Mono Layer / Multi Layer Films
• Cast Films
• BOPP Films
• Woven Sacks
• Lamination
• Extrusion Coating
• Cable Coating Extrusions
• Multi-filament spinning extrusion of PP, PA, PET
• Non Woven fabric Extrusion
• PET Preform Blow Moulding

White Masterbatches

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White Masterbatches Black Masterbatches Color Masterbatches Additive Masterbatches
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