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Mudrika introduces In Mold Labels for Blow Molding for the first time in India.
In-Mould Labeling is a highly advanced decoration process for blow molded bottles as well as injection molded & thermoformed containers or other plastic objects, in which the prefabricated plastic label is positioned directly into the mould by a special handling robot. The result is a decorated end product completed in a single process-with no need for subsequent labeling or printing.Top


Decoration after molding is not required
The label is applied to the product at the time of blowmoulding, eliminating post-moldlabeling process, saving on manpower, electricity, time.

Higher line speed possible for packing the product
IML products do not have to be quarantined for further labelling Elimination oftime, manpower & electricity required during PS labelling operationsThe time lag due to PS labelling reduces filling time by 15-20%

Reduced Weight per volume

Weight per volume can be reduced by 10-15% as label weight gets added to the bottle weight

Improved Appearance
Better printability of both letters and graphics

Improved Performance due to increased accuracy
Placement of IML is more accurate as compared to PS Labels

Squeezable bottles
Can be used on soft bottle as label does not peel off even after repeated squeezing. Possibility to apply relief decoration to the plastic bottle.Eliminate wrinkle on bottle surface caused by peeling of pasted paper labels on Squeezable bottles.IML labels cannot be peeled off vis a vis PE labels used for Squeezable bottles, that can be easily peelable from the bottle surface


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Company Name Mudrika Labels Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Manish Desai
Address 8/20, Nirman Ind. Estate, Linking Road, Chincholi, Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Contact Number + 91 - 22 - 56784500 / 8749303
Contact Number + 91 - 22 - 8767850
Email mudrikalabel@hotmail.com
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