Multilayer Blown Film Plant Two Layer Garbage Bag Film Plant


Kalimata Plastic Machinery was founded in the year 1968. We have specialized in the manufacture of Mono and Multilayer film plants that produce Plastics for various applications. We manufacture Mono HM plant, Mono Multipurpose Plant, Two, Three, Five Layer multipurpose Blown film plant, RPVC pipe plant, high output Compounding plant, We also cater to tailor made designs as per the customer’s request. We fulfil the demands of carry bags, pouches, laminates etc. through our machines. Over the years, the company has vigorously pursued a policy of continuous reinvestment in plant and machinery and facility, combining the pursuit of engineering excellence with never say-die customer service. This enabled the Company to establish synergetic rapport with customers globally. We are pioneers in Manufacture of Machines that can process and produce Bio Degradable polymers for applications such as food containers, Environment friendly Carry bags, Garbage bags, etc.
Our machines are globally accepted for its Technology & Economics. Our customer base is in Europe, Middle East & Africa.